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In this weeks Self-Publishing News Unique, ALLi News Editor Dan Holloway takes a look at new features from Kobo and Bookbub and debate surrounding Mark Dawsons marketing techniques.

ALLis News Editor Dan Holloway

The write-up of recentlys #indieauthorchat on twitter looks at avoiding vanity presses. Tonights edition (8pm UK time, 3pm Eastern, Noon Pacific) is on generating book ideas (editors note: my problem has always been narrowing down from a gazillion concepts).

New from Kobo and Bookbub

Two really fascinating new platform developments this week. First up, comes a brand-new toy from Bookbub. A highlighted handle Bookbub is frequently seen as a holy grail for authors. They are challenging to come by, though. Much easier to handle are Bookbub adverts– still targeted at their mailing lists of devoted readers but without their imprimatur. Now they have a feature that allows authors getting adverts to improve their targeting. “Related authors” will pre-populate your targeting with authors whose books your readers may like once you list one possible author. These will be created by their algorithm of what individuals really buy and read not just what you envision, which might make this important.

And Kobo has likewise released something new. A streaming limitless digital books platform is coming to its native Canada. We speak about streaming and membership as the future of reading a lot on these pages. View how this goes.

Covid Help for the Creative Industries– indies included?

In particular, those with book launches scheduled in this duration have discovered celebrations and in-store occasions cancelled. The publishing industry will get some of the European Unions multi billion Euro Covid assist package for industry. Lets hope we arent forgotten here.

Freedom of Speech: Cancel Culture and Anti-SLAPP Legislation

Next is the Authors Guilds support for an anti-SLAPP statute in the United States. SLAPP stands for State Legislation Against Public Participation. Anti-SLAPP legislation is precisely what you would think of. It is designed to secure people against big beneficial interests securing injunctions to stop you speaking about them. The Authors Guild has actually officially supported the move to develop more anti-SLAPP legislation, securing those of us who may select to write legitimately about people or corporations with a beneficial interest in our refraining from doing so.

Last week, I discussed the Harpers letter about “cancel culture”. Its a term anybody who writes has actually been unable to avoid recently. And today sees 2 extremely interesting contributions to the news rely on the topic. There is news that J K Rowlings sales seem to have actually taken a nosedive in reaction to controversy over her comments on transgender issues. When its how fans select to utilize their wallets, theres a different key question: what is cancel culture, and whats capitalism?

Charts: where guidelines, rules, and practicality mix

The story, if you havent read it up until now, includes Marks purchase of around 400 copies of his own book, The Cleaner, published by Welbeck, which enabled the book to reach high profile Top 10 hardback lists. Dawson, realising his book was simply outside the leading 10, sent out an email to fans asking if they would like him to buy a copy and then offer it on to them. Dawson has actually attracted criticism in a commonly shared Guardian post which pointed out that this type of up-front cost was not something many authors might pay for. On the other hand, publishers pay money for things that get their books in the charts as a matter of regular.

This week Ive had buddies who would never generally reveal interest in our corner of the cultural world sharing news about an indie icon. His existence on the Kindle stand at book fairs is as trusted as azaleas at the United States Masters. This week hes been in the news provoking a really interesting question.

Which guidelines count?

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I advise you listen to the full Self-publishing Formula podcast in which Mark talks about this.

For complete disclosure, Mark Dawsons Self-publishing Formula (SPF) which educates authors about advertising and promo techniques, is an approved ALLi partner member and the 2 companies delight in an equally encouraging relationship. ALLi is currently investigating whether the activity contrasts our Member Code of Standards. Also for full disclosure, I have in the past been vital of some of the content of SPF courses.

You can read the complete statement from Welbeck, Dawsons publishers, on Marks Facebook page. They totally support their author and certainly see this as a case of an author assisting fans. Neilsen has actually provided a declaration to state the sales will be withdrawn from their counts and the charts remedied. Having “spoken at length to all those included” they “think it to be an innocent error”.

This is not against the guidelines. And the history of indie publishing is cluttered with practices that have been within the rules but have actually raised eyebrows– for instance making use of exceptionally long and stuffed-with-metadata subtitles. And I can see the destination of getting a brand-new book, doubtless signed, from a favourite author.

If you found the reporting of this story ambivalent or fence-sitting, I have done my job.

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“Related authors” will pre-populate your targeting with authors whose books your readers may like once you list one potential author. And this week sees two extremely fascinating contributions to the news bank on the subject. There is news that J K Rowlings sales appear to have actually taken a nosedive in response to controversy over her comments on transgender problems. This week Ive had pals who would never typically show interest in our corner of the cultural world sharing news about an indie icon. This week hes been in the news provoking a very intriguing concern.

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