The Geeky Science-Fiction Method to Get Freelance Writing Gigs

What if there was some geeky, sci-fi method to land self-employed composing gigs?

When I figured out my specific niche (science fiction), thats exactly what I desired. But I could not discover a lab-tested, proven method like that to get independent writing gigs.

You understand … like step through a website, or tractor-beam yourself excellent customers and fascinating projects that pay well.

So I started mixing a concoction of the very best practices I could find, and pitching editors concepts to land assignments.

Even if youre not a fan of Star Trek, sci-fi novels, or futuristic technology, you can still use this method to write, pitch, and land freelance composing gigs.

It was sort of like a mad-science experiment in search of a formula to get self-employed writing gigs. And it worked (cue outrageous laughter).

Step into my writers lab, and Ill reveal you how its done.

1. Usage laser-beam focus

So what should you do rather? Narrow your focus.

Yes, you might definitely love The Matrix motion pictures. You cant expect to sell a post about why you love them … at least not when youre very first starting out.

For instance … if youre a science author, you could pitch an article about why we need to be more worried about electro-magnetic pulses or how simulated truth could become our truth one day.

Discover a way to stand out to editors in your specific niche

Youll need to do the same with whatever niche you like to geek out about.

I geek out over Star Trek, and I wished to land freelance composing gigs about it.

I started to develop stories concepts based on things like what I enjoyed about a specific facet of the show, why an episode especially resonated with me, and what the future held for the franchise.

Ask yourself:

Whats new in your niche that intrigues you?
Would readers of a particular magazine, site or business be interested?
Has this topic been blogged about in the past or recently?
How can you form your idea into something with a fresh angle or present something brand-new?

Suggestion: Jot down five subjects you d like to discuss. Choose the one you understand the most (and are the most excited) about. This will get you started.

2. Accept the mission to amuse and educate

Efficiently, you wish to offer them an “ah-ha” minute or an “I didnt know that” minute.
On a really good day, you provide BOTH.

Unless youre composing a review or an op-ed, you require to provide the reader (and your editor) more than simply your opinion.

How do you do that?

For example … I write for, which is a branch of devoted to all things Star Trek, and I have to produce articles that keep readers coming back.

Did they discover anything brand-new?
Was it intriguing to read?
Did they understand the focus of your article, concept, and bottom lines?
Or was anything confusing, dull, or hard to follow?

Entertain and inform, beginning with your pitch to land independent writing gigs.

Just due to the fact that you like something, doesnt indicate an editor or readers will.
Youll land more tasks if you pitch ideas that inform, entertain, or help readers to believe, learn, and end up being more immersed in your particular niche.

Its a skill you need to develop to land independent composing gigs. Why?

Pointer: After writing a pitch or before sending your project to an editor, ask somebody who isnt as notified about your niche to read it and give you feedback.

If that last question shows up issues, you still have some work to do. Give your pitch a reword, or ask a pro editor in the Freelance Writers Den to review it.

3. Look for out smaller sized publications

If youre just beginning …

You could begin by guest-posting for a small specific niche blog site, regional publication, or trade pub.

… I started composing about science fiction for Movie Pilot, (now-defunct) which was a site devoted to television and movies. I edited 350 articles (not all about science fiction) for Movie Pilot, and gained a lots of experience.

There are many opportunities for writers to land freelance writing gigs … EVEN if you do not have experience or an enormous portfolio of work.

Do not grab for the brass ring right away if youre new to composing about a particular specific niche or do not have independent writing experience.

IDEA: Dont remain too long in the smaller sized leagues. When your posts or short articles are getting fantastic feedback and a decent amount of checks out, be confident adequate to move on.

And you understand what happened? I gained self-confidence, too. I took one step outside that comfort zone and sent to, which is the premier website for whatever you ever needed to know about that franchise.

4. Recognize yourself with a simple bio

Idea: Have numerous different bios prepared as publications will desire various word counts. Keep a 50-word, a 75-word, and a 150-word bio handy. Update it frequently as your experience increases.

… If youre pitching a new science marketing, and youve written for Medical Futurist, reference that with simply a few other details. Keep it basic. Your bio isnt going to impress an editor as much as the words youve composed in your pitch.

If you have no previous experience, you can still land freelance composing gigs by displaying your composing skills with an amazing pitch.

Simply put: Theres no need to provide an extensive resume, list of every publication youve ever written for, or require to discuss every specific niche magazine you subscribe to.

Determine yourself with an easy bio when you pitch an editor or publisher a story concept.

5. Speak with your audience in their own language

Your fascination with the latest advancements, news, or people in your specific niche requires to be tempered with words your target market understands, ESPECIALLY if they may be a brand-new reader, customer, or website visitor.

Yes … there actually are Star Trek fans who speak Klingon.

IDEA: Think seriously as you compose. Is this a word that is utilized in daily language? If not, and you feel like you need to use it, youll need to describe it within the body of your post.

That suggests keep the five-dollar words to a minimum. Readers should not require a dictionary to look up words youve selected.

Set phasers to land more freelance writing gigs

When youre passionate about a particular nice, science fiction or something else, it assists you:

Rachel Carrington is a freelance writer and novelist based in South Carolina. Shes written for The New York Times,, and other publications.

Perhaps youre not gunning to discuss a television/movie franchise, aliens and UFOs, or space travel, however youre similarly stired to compose for specific niche pubs and clients in your niche.

Find clients
Compose better material
Land more freelance writing gigs.

Need assistance landing freelance writing gigs? Lets discuss in the remarks.

Idea: Jot down 5 subjects you d like to compose about. Your bio isnt going to impress an editor as much as the words youve written in your pitch.

If youre a geek like I am, now is the perfect opportunity for your passions to collide to pitch more potential customers and land more projects … Carrington, out.

Idea: Have numerous different bios prepared as publications will desire different word counts. IDEA: Think seriously as you compose. If not, and you feel like you have to use it, youll require to explain it within the body of your article.

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