The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing for Authors

There are a thousand ways you can market your book, but one that stands the test of time is influencer marketing. The rise of digital and social media has actually brought this way of reaching the right readers to more authors than ever before. How does it work and how do you make contact with effective influencers? This week, the Alliance of Independent Authors AskALLi group dives deep into the world of influencer marketing for authors.

Influencer Marketing for Authors: What is it?

An influencer is an individual with authority and appeal within a particular niche. Influencers have a large or committed following who pay attention to what they say, like and suggest.

As with any marketing approach, you require to think of your overarching marketing technique and then distill it down into particular project goals.

A suggestion from a book influencer works as a type of social proof for a book and can have real influence on book sales and awareness of you as an author.

When the campaign feels meaningful to both author and influencer, this kind of marketing works best. And when the author taps into influencer insights about what makes their audience tick, rather than simply using the influencer as a mouth piece for their own marketing message.

Influencers have their audiences trust and attention– both currencies that are at a premium in todays busy book market.

For someone who wishes to tap this vibrant to reach more readers and offer more books, influencer marketing begins with identifying influencers in your specific niche and convincing them to promote your book or premium items to their followers and fans.

Influencer Marketing for Authors: Marketing Changes

Unless it happens organically, youll need to invest time and right-minded effort in discovering the ideal influencer for your books. Its an effort that can reap terrific rewards.

This type of impact is not particularly effective for selling books and it is subsiding, partly because of that and partly due to the economies of conventional media.

By contrast, online impact, particularly social media influence, is expanding.

The standard influencers in the book service are booksellers, libraries, reviewers and critics. Gaining their attention implied reviews in the traditional and literary press. The goal with such publications has always been to strike the widest possible variety of readers in the mainstream book checking out market.

While conventional attention can garner appreciation and respect for your book, finding those who are most influential with the readers most likely to purchase is a better sales strategy. This means knowing your category, micro-niche and specific niche and the mediators and other authors who are understood, liked and trusted by your prospective readers.

Influencer Marketing for Authors: Principles for Working with Influencers

There are 2 various directing principles that structure working with influencers: the principles of affinity and reach. Affinity comes. The size of the engagement, reach and audience is irrelevant until you discover the right fit.

Finding the Right Influencers: Principle 1: Affinity

Its not just Instagram that has influencers. Any social media channel where someone has a lot of followers can be classified as an influencer. You can reach out to influencers on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and more. Keep in mind, the key is to select platforms your readers really hang out on rather than selecting random platforms.

Even for short-term projects and tasks you need to work with a partner who aligns with your values and objective as an author. People will associate you with that influencer, long after a specific campaign is forgotten.

Reserve Bloggers.

There are a selection of genre-specific podcasts like “The Big Gay Fiction podcast” which reviews LGBTQ+ books and also interviews authors of those books. Another example in the exact same good is “The Lesbian Lounge” hosted by ALLi member, Clare Lydon.

Stick to your worths. Stick to it if theres a value you hold dear. Just due to the fact that other influencers or authors are promoting something, doesnt indicate you should. Your audience will know your worths and if you all of a sudden start promoting something that doesnt fit youre brand simply due to the fact that youre being paid, youre going to lose fans and raise eyebrows.

Being an Influencer: Principle 3.

As you might know, ALLi runs a two times yearly conference: #SelfPubCon. ALLi members have free six-month gain access to passes for the life time of their membership. Members: log in to and browse to ADVICE > > CONFERENCE and follow the directions).

Other Options.

Association with a star name or a trendy up-and-comer can be even worse than worthless if it isnt a meaningful fit. The incorrect connection can leave your ideal reader confused or cold..

Customize your ask and specify.

When initially reaching out to influencers and their representatives you may receive an estimated reach number, either individually for each social platform, or a total number based upon their activity across a range of platforms. Do not take this number at face value. Do your research. And dont simply consider top-line fan numbers in seclusion..

Only promote products, books and services that you like, understand and trust. If someone methods you about promoting their service, book or product, you must always inspect out their item. Youre going to harm you own track record if you promote something thats bad quality. Your audience wont trust your suggestions going forward and youll damage your capability to promote additional products too.

Influencer Marketing for Authors: Types of Influencers.



No matter how busy you are, they are most likely busier and youre the one who is requesting something. Be courteous and as useful as you perhaps can and extremely respectful of their time.

Offer the influencer a copy of your book or access to your course or whatever it is you want them to promote in order for them to examine it and guarantee they consider it of worth. If they promote your item, theyre risking their reputation, so its just best they can review your product or book.

It depends on you to validate reach and likewise engagement to guarantee you are dealing with somebody who is genuinely active and generating genuine interest with their neighborhood. Take due diligence actions to guarantee you eliminate fakes and scams..

A literary or publishing influencer is anybody with a people of readers. You can discover a swathe of book influencers on instagram in the #Bookstagram community. There are more niche bookstagram influencers too like Sadie Hartmann whos @Mother.

Angela Ackerman is a writing coach, international speaker, and co-author of the bestselling book, The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writers Guide to Character Expression, (now a broadened second edition consisting of 130 emotions) and its many follows up. Her books are available in 8 languages, sourced by universities, recommended by representatives and editors, and utilized by authors, film writers, and psychologists around the world. Angela is likewise the co-founder of the popular website Writers Helping Writers, in addition to One Stop for Writers, an ingenious creative library filled with powerful tools that assist authors of all levels master storytelling. Stop by and give our totally free trial a spin … writing can be much easier!

Thank them for any help provided and dont argue with their action.

Sponsorship: from huge business or brand names. These companies might pay you an amount of money to give their item some airtime on your podcast, video or website.

As you prepare your approach, do it in a manner that makes it most likely theyll be open to it, instead of frustrated. Do not provide the incorrect reason to state no.

Literary magazines.
Academic critics.
Book shops.
Educators and experts.
University trendsetters.
Expert speakers.
Bestselling authors in your niche.
Paper evaluation supplements.
Community leaders.

Three of the most typical types of earnings you can get as an influencer are:.

Remember theyre busy.

Program gratitude for their time if you get a reaction, and never ever try to turn their “no” to a “yes”. Stopping working on the first method is a chance to find out and you might succeed in the future, today is not the time to ask again.

Influencer Marketing for Authors: Being an Influencer.

Being an Influencer: Principle 2.

The list is long and we can add much more.

Influencer Marketing for Authors: Approaching Influencers.

If youre a historical fiction author, theres no point promoting YA fantasy book. Your readers are not likely to check out those kinds of books and so not just are you squandering your time, but theirs too.

What you may not have actually accounted for, is the influencer podcasters have on their audience. You cant conceal when its simply your voice and that develops a much deeper level of trust. When a podcaster makes a recommendation, its heard.

Ensure your e-mail– or approach of contacting them– is short, concise and effective. Include all of the info you believe they need including dates, links to your item and so on however absolutely nothing makes an influencers heart sink like a long, overly-detailed e-mail.

Product gift: in these scenarios, the influencer may receive items or products from business in order to examine and or promote them. Books, clothing or sports devices.

Do an audit of their activities across their various social platforms to build your understanding of their influence and how they win it. Inspect that they pass the know-like-trust test and do in fact produce genuine engagement and conversation from peers and followers.

Discovering the Right Influencers: Principle 2: Reach.

Writing or publishing a review of their work, share or like their posts in time, talk about their blog. Get on their radar. Dont overdo this to the point of being a stalker.

YouTube is a monster when it concerns influencer marketing. Influencers can command high prices for the advantage of them promoting your service, book or item. Usually, because instagram and YouTube are visual mediums, youll be anticipated to send a copy of your book. This can get expensive provided not all influencers are in your own country. An example of a book influencer on YouTube, is Hailey in Bookland. She concentrates on Young Adult books (for the most part) and has nearly 300,000 fans on YouTube all prepared and waiting to hear her suggestions as she posts videos weekly.

Gift them your work.

Research study who (and how) theyve supported others.

Do they promote/support on Twitter or Facebook, blog or site, podcasts or live stream, newsletters or e-mail blast. Study where and how their suggestions appear. Does that suit you? When you make your ask, specify about what you desire and customize your pitch accordingly.

Book blog writers are readers and sometimes authors who run sites devoted to reviewing and promoting books. Schedule blog writers are influencers which suggests their platforms are based on their credibility.

Heres a short bit from Angelas transcript to whet your hunger. For more, see the session or get your gain access to pass.

As soon as you have a list of influencers who have an affinity with you and your books, the decider will be the size but also the quality of their reach..

Influencer Marketing for Authors: Its Not everything about Big Numbers.

After evaluating an influencers audience and broad values and tone of voice, require time to observe how they communicate with both fans and critics, throughout time, and examine their standing among the larger community. Look carefully at previous posts and tasks, views and opinions, along with their audience profile.

Social Network Influencers.

There are complimentary and paid-for tools such as FollowerWonk, BuzzSumo or Kred that can be used to make an unbiased evaluation of the reach and engagement an influencer can actually provide.

Angela Ackerman.

If youre not a member of ALLi, youll require an access pass– offered for six-month or life time access– in order to watch Angelas conference session. These passes are good worth because you dont simply get access to this conference … you get access to all the conferences given that 2018 and, when it comes to the life time pass, all the conferences to come. You can find out more about Access Passes here.



Being an Influencer: Principle 1.

The traditional influencers in the book company are booksellers, critics, libraries and customers. Schedule bloggers are influencers which means their platforms are based on their reputation. You can find a swathe of book influencers on instagram in the #Bookstagram community. For me, unlike a lot of readers, its less about the books the influencers are personally interested in and more that since they get such massive amounts of books, you frequently choose up on books you would not generally have discovered.” Now with influencers, I pointed out before that we need to keep in mind that not all influencers are substantial, some are little, others are big, and both of them kind of have their pros and cons.

When your audience grows big enough, you will discover the tables turn and you have become an influencer. Being an influencer and promoting products is based upon the trust your audience has for you and the credibility youve developed.

Why are we informing you about this? Well, at the March2020 #SelfPubCon, Angela Ackerman, author, writing coach and worldwide speaker, ran a session called: Level up your Book Marketing by Collaborating with Authors and Influencers. A little more about Angela:.

Influencers understand how they choose to be called– agent, email, Twitter– and theyll have guidelines at their website. Follow their lead.

” Now with influencers, I discussed prior to that we need to keep in mind that not all influencers are big, some are small, others are big, and both of them kind of have their pros and cons. Macro influencers are those that have a truly big group of fans and they trust their brand and therefore they put stock into their suggestions, viewpoints and concepts. Theres also a micro influencer.
Macro influencers likewise are truly busy. You understand, possibilities are, theyve got a lots of things that theyre trying to juggle, theyve got a big platform, their own marketing efforts, their own items that theyre attempting to sell. And so it might be more difficult to develop relationships with them, simply something to take into mind. Not saying that you ought to stay away from macro influencers all Im simply saying that its something to keep in mind that it will take a bit more time to build that relationship up.
Micro influencers however, they may be really receptive to a relationship and have more time and energy to work with you when it pertains to collaborations. Micro influencers are most likely the most likely to enthusiastically enjoy your street group. And word of mouth is likewise truly strong with micro influencers, as I discussed previously, since they have those close connections with people who they absolutely love to read. Micro influencers, they might be your reading fans, they may be a book club or a conference organizer, something along those lines. And you never know when a fan of your book might open a door for you in a big way. So make certain to nurture all of those relationships and think of constructing relationships with both groups of influencers.”

Prior to you ask, support their work.

Affiliate marketing: this is where an influencer will be offered a web link that is specific to them. When somebody in their audience clicks that link and purchases the item, the influencer will receive a little quantity of cash at no additional cost to the person making the purchase.

Sacha states:.

Keep your request quick and to the point and if they require additional details, supply a link or two (no more than 2) where they can learn more.

The most crucial thing as an influencer is to keep your reputation intact– its like virginity– once its gone, you cant get it back.

Questions to ask:.

Like the remainder of the growing digital landscape, there are an increasing huge selection of influencers out there, and more joining the ranks every day. But instead of heading for the typical suspects, with a little thinking outside the box and research study, you can find a variety of influencers to deal with that have a flourishing audience.

Keep supporting that person, as there is real affinity and affection and keep your eyes open for future opportunities to connect or link.

Make it as simple as possible for an influencer to help you: tell them specifically what you would like them to do– based upon your research study of how they most generally provide assistance, permitting them to rapidly provide a yes or no. Offer them specific swipe copy they can adapt or edit.

” I frequently get book suggestions from instagram now. For me, unlike a lot of readers, its less about the books the influencers are personally thinking about and more that since they get such huge quantities of books, you frequently choose up on books you wouldnt usually have actually found. Plus you get the perk of seeing somebody elses response to it.”.

Use their contact preference.

Does the influencers audience align well with my books values and mission?
Does this individual have authentic credibility and authority?
Does their voice line up with mine?
Are their visual interactions complementary?
How do they react to comments?
Are there significant differences in tone throughout different platforms?

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