The Ultimate Guide to Mailing Lists for Authors Part 2: Growing a Reader Mailing List

If you are seeking a comprehensive guide to email for authors, ALLi advises Tammi Labrecques Newsletter Ninja books and site.

See Part one here: The Ultimate Guide to Mailing Lists for Authors Part 1: Mailing List Strategy. Next week well be taking a look at keeping and broadening your list( s).

In a three-part series starting last week, the Alliance of Independent Authors #AskALLi group checks out mailing lists, how to set them up, how to grow them, manage them and most importantly, develop and sustain relationships and connections with your readers. With deep thanks to all of our members who contributed informative comments and an unique thanks to David Penny, Melissa Haag, C.J. Archer, Roz Morris and Debbie Young. This is the ultimate guide to subscriber list for indie authors part 2: Growing your list..

Growing a Mailing List: Why Bother?

This example is from Joanna Penns banner runs along the top of her website in maroon with a lovely huge CTA button mentioning “Get It Now”

Together with your CTAs in your book, if you have an author website– and you really need to– then you should have a CTA on your site too. It might be in the form of an appear, or a banner at the top of your homepage or an image on your homepage or perhaps a widget in the sidebar.

In the last post, we talked at length about why you need a mailing list. However just how much time, effort and money should you put into actually growing it? Crafting your communications with your list is time away from crafting your book.

Arguably, the most devoted and invested subscribers will be those that concern your list from reading your most current book and wanting more. How do you catch those readers?

Picture on your Homepage.

A call to action (CTA) is a simple and short sentence asking the reader to take an action i.e., leave a review or register to get updates and so on

This example is from where she uses a slim banner, on her homepage and the other fiction pages of her site, with the CTA: Join my reader group for free books and other perks.

The bright side is that work does not require to use up a great deal of your time.

The back of your book does not need to be the only place you leave your CTA. You might quickly leave another in the front of your book too. The possibilities are youll get fewer register from the front as your readers wont have actually read your book yet, so theyre cold leads. However some will inevitably sign up, so it deserves including the extra CTA for the couple of who do.

Contact us to Action.

Growing a Mailing List: Organic Growth.

Website Signup.

Banner Example.

. As an indie author, its your job to make certain youre leaving CTAs in as many places as possible. The ideal location to catch readers into your subscriber list, remains in the back of your book. Why? Since your reader will be warm to you. Theyve simply completed your book and ideally youve provided a gratifying ending. If thats the case, then opportunities are theyll wish to read your next book too. Bring them into your marketing funnel by leaving a CTA asking them to join your list.

And the readers on your list do not just sit there, doing absolutely nothing for a year or however long you take to write a book. The point of the list is to provide them something– the very same thing they get from your books– between launches.

Note you can make your CTA more attractive by including hyperlinks and images. Heres an example of the ALLi CTA at the back of our guidebooks:.

First, theres the clincher– the bigger your subscriber list, the bigger the audience you introduce a book to, the more likely your books are to prosper.

This example of a widget in his sidebar is from David Pennys site. A good clear huge title “Newsletter” with a clear declaration of what you get for signing up.


Widget Example.

” My newsletter magnet is a short novella (13k) words, “The Pride of Peacocks”, which is a spin-off from my first series, also presents my second series, and has a stunning cover that echoes the style of both series. It is not offered to buy, and so if readers desire to read it, this is the only location they can get it, and it will be of interest to them whether they have checked out none of my books, some of my books or all of my books. I also point out the magnet in the back of all my books.
I have a WordPress site with a Mailchimp signup form incorporated in the sidebar which appears on every page. I have just recently added a pop-up which has actually increased sign-ups. I do not do newsletter swaps or anything like that due to the fact that I want to keep my message in my newsletters easy, and to send them to look at my books and website, not at other individualss!


Poetry Ideas.

Melissa Haag website.

Organic Growth.

C.J. Archer website.

Growing a Mailing List: Promotional Growth.

Joseph Alexander.

Did you erase chapters from your book? Why not use those?
Have you got maps illustrated? You could constantly giveaway printable variations of the maps.
Got an idea for a narrative set in the exact same world? Give that away.
How about an epilogue or if you already have one a reward additional epilogue?
You could compose a prequel or possibly a couple of scenes set prior to the book takes place however discussed in your series.
Character interviews.
Have you had character art work produced? What about printable versions of your character art?
You could constantly giveaway the first book if you have a long series.

Your Own Social Media.

” All of my 19k subscriber list customers have been gained naturally. I do not get associated with promotions where you acquire the e-mails of readers who downloaded a lot of giveaways. Those people arent interested in my books, just collecting giveaways. I just desire engaged subscribers who like MY books and will click and check out the newsletter on the links to purchase or pre-order. I have 2 complimentary stories hosted on a password protected page on my website, and the password and link to that page are offered out via an automatic e-mail during signup. These stories are solely available to my newsletter subscribers and are never offered at the sellers. Both stories (around 30k each) feature one or more main characters from my series and the plot centres around a backstory event that is meant in the series. One of the stories in fact links 2 series together by having characters from each series meet each other. I tell readers at the back of each book how to get these stories and offer a direct link to the signup page on my website. Its a basic method to get readers to subscribe, the only expense being my time to compose the stories and the editors fee.”.

Fiction Ideas.

The most convenient method to do it is with a lead magnet, like a novella or character case research studies or for nonfiction books, nearly anything thats related to the content of your book. But make them valuable downloads.
Produce a one-page advert, probably at the end of your book and the beginning, to where individuals can click on the link or, go to a websites to download your content by entering their e-mail address, and after that email address gets sent to your subscriber list.
For delivering, lots of authors utilize BookFunnel, or you can provide it from your own site (thats what we do).
Once theyre on your list, I believe its extremely important to be arranged about it. If youve got 2 series, have two different download pages, add them to a different segment or a different list, so you know what youre stating to people. If youve composed a light series and a dark series, you do not want to send out light series emails to the dark series individuals.
If youre writing in a series, the method really is to promote the first book in that series with your lead magnet, really, really hard. Amazon adverts, Facebook.
Focus on book one and then use e-mail to look after book 2, three, 4, et cetera, youll conserve a fortune in ad spend.

Promoting a First in Series or Free Book.

I only send out a newsletter when I have something relevant, and I keep it easy and brief– eg an international promo or a new launch. To encourage individuals to check out the newsletter, the last item in each one is a prize draw which everyone might go into– the prize is either a signed paperback (when Im doing an ebook just promo, so that paperback readers dont feel left out), or something wacky and fun to do with one of my books. Ive likewise bought a Prefects badge that Ill be utilizing to promote my boarding school series.

Advertising: I sometimes run FaceBook ads to a particularly targeted audience, advertising a totally free book or content. The link sends them to BookFunnel, where they can download the content free of charge in exchange for their email.

Nonfiction Ideas.

David Penny.

Roz Morris site.

Prior to we dive into paid advertising there are, of course, free choices. You could team up with other authors to promote each others reader magnets. They can share your reader magnet in their mailing lists, or on their social networks sites, and you share theirs. If you go this path, work with authors in your category and niche, so that your readers will truly enjoy their material.

I likewise clean my list annual, eliminating any customers who are no longer actively react to the e-mails by opening it or clicking on any of the links. This keeps the list active.”.

Reader Magnet Growth.

My list has grown by 1k+ up until now this year using the techniques above. The subscribers are then segmented based upon how they signed up with. This helps me enjoy my natural development vs. marketing growth. It also helps me determine which group clicks through when I sent brand-new release news, which is the supreme objective … to offer the books Ive composed. Based upon the segments and how theyve joined, I then have an automation set up (one for each of my pen names) that presents me and the books I write.

A digital chapbook.
Word-art editions of your poem.
Illustrated download with paper and framing recommendations.
Inspiring quote series.
An audiobook of you reading some poems.
A guide to reading the sort of poetry you compose.
cards with periodic poems for Valentines Day, Mothers Day and so on
. An ebook of themed poems with some timeless, out-of-copyright poems that you admire interspersed with yours.

David Penny website.

Growing a Mailing List: Targeted Marketing Services.

Melissa Haag.

I really hate the reader-magnet mindset because1– Im not lured by them myself2– I dont believe they build a relationship with readers3– I do not think Im composing the kind of books where reader magnets are a good method to find my individuals. And theyre not intelligent– they seem to inconvenience everybody, even if theyre already a subscriber.However, I do offer plenty of hints that I have a newsletter and I discuss it whenever it seems appropriate– at the ends of my books, at the ends of all my blogposts, on the sidebar of my blog site, in my e-mail footer, when I give an online course. I dont release books really frequently so I cant keep composing about the book Im doing.

Organic: The link to register for my newsletter is at the end of every book in the Authors Note. I specify that theyll get updates about my writing and special content as a member of my newsletter. (I also have the sign up on my website, however most appear to discover me through the backmatter.).

Joseph Alexander.

You can constantly set a budget for marketing and attempt your hand at paid marketing if you want a more difficult more aggressive method for growing your mailing list. Make certain your spending plan is something you can realistically pay for. Paid advertising constantly requires a learning curve and therefore there will be some lost invest while you ideal your advertising copy and targeting.

Growing a Mailing List: Member Building Experiences.

In addition, make certain that any free gift you do or service you spend for are utilizing ethical procedures and GDPR certified methodologies. StoryOrigin works in a very comparable method but it likewise has actually the included perk of a dating like service where you can coordinate with authors in your category to run your own giveaways.

The readers enjoy the random facts and have actually informed me they open the e-mails just for that. I send periodic surveys asking which book they d like me to compose next, which frequently gets a lot of interaction.

Have you got a cheat sheet connected to one of your books?
Maybe a resource guide connected to your subject.
What about a bonus chapter?
Might you free gift a mini guide or summarised variation of one of your books.
What about providing away a workbook version of your primary book?
You could constantly create a mini brief course connected to your material.
Or maybe a tutorial video series.

Just as you ought to encourage your audiences to leave reviews, so too need to you promote your reader magnets or subscriber list on your social networks profiles. If you dont remind your audience that you have a reader magnet or mailing list, how do you anticipate them to keep in mind?

There are a variety of services that run free gifts or subscriber indication up alternative in exchange for a reader magnet. BookSweeps runs genre particular giveaways where readers will select who they want to sign up to hear more about in the procedure. Youre then given these customers at the end of the free gift. Constantly keep in mind to advise readers how and why they joined your newsletter.

Debbies Reader Magnet.

Social: I periodically mention my newsletter on all my social channels, motivating fans to sign up for totally free material.

” I have three main methods for Newsletter growth.

Growing a Mailing List: Reader Magnets.

What advice or ideas or tricks do you have for building your newsletter?.

Roz Morris.

Concepts for Growth.

Of course, if you have a first in series or prequel thats complimentary with a solid CTA in the front and back of your book, then pressing advertising invest at your released complimentary book will also generate register. Plus, you have actually the included bonus offer of potentially acquiring sales from readers desiring the sequels.

And the readers on your list dont simply sit there, doing absolutely nothing for a year or however long you take to write a book. The point of the list is to give them something– the very same thing they get from your books– between launches. The ideal location to catch readers into your mailing list, is in the back of your book. I do not release books very typically so I cant keep composing about the book Im doing. It is not readily available to buy, and so if readers desire to read it, this is the only place they can get it, and it will be of interest to them whether they have actually checked out none of my books, some of my books or all of my books.

Debbie Young.

Marketing for Growth.

C.J. Archer.

Debbie Young website.

A reader magnet is a present you offer to your readers in exchange for their email address. If you decide to use a reader magnet, then make sure you include a description in your CTAs above.

” Ive just in the last 6-8 months concentrated on my mailing list, however what I did to raise subscribers from 20ish to 2000+ is this: I created a prequel novella for my series and offered it complimentary for indication up. In terms of sending out stuff out, I attempt to only email when there is news so it might be as soon as a month or as soon as a quarter. Other things Ive tried are newsletter swaps which worked to some degree though I am still a bit anxious at the concept of switching customers and maybe suggesting a book I havent even check out.”.

Free Advertising.

If you would like to see the whole interview with Joseph about subscriber list, you can discover it on ALLis YouTube channel here. Below is a section of summarized records:.

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