Top 10 Novel Ideas to Write a Bestseller

You desire to write, but when you sit down to start, you understand you dont have an unique concept. Or possibly you have numerous, youre having a tough time selecting the finest unique concept. Or maybe, you currently have an unique concept, but you just arent sure if its any excellent. Never ever fear, thats what were here for.

Below are ten concerns to assist you begin finding your best novel concept. Use them as writing triggers or as a method to make your current concept better.

Do not let the blank page win. Get started writing your book today with these book ideas!

Make Your Best Novel Idea Better

SET YOUR STORY IN TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS. Of the 9 bestselling books of all time, all nine are set in 2 various worlds. Think Harry Potters Muggle vs. Wizarding world. Or A Tale of Two Cities steady London and revolutionary Paris.

YOUR CHARACTER BUMPS INTO HIS OR HER SOULMATE (actually, bumps into). In movie, this is called the “satisfy charming,” when the hero bumps into the heroine in the corridor, knocking her books to the flooring and requiring them into conversation.

What Ive found out over the last 10 years teaching writers is that the primary step to composing a fantastic book is to develop a really excellent novel concept.

These ten novel concepts below will assist you take the concepts you already have and establish them into a strong strategy for your book. You can also utilize them as composing prompts to get going with your novel.

Here are the ten unique concepts (you can also get these as a totally free download here):.

If youre like me, you dont just want to compose a book. You desire to compose an actually terrific book, hopefully a book that will be released and maybe even become a bestseller.


Your characters greatest worry is your storys secret weapon. Compose about it.

WHAT SCARS DOES YOUR CHARACTER HAVE? We all have scars. To be a writer, Stephen King says, “the only requirement is the capability to keep in mind every scar.” Use your own scars to unlock the scars in your characters.

MAKE YOUR MAIN CHARACTER AN ORPHAN. Believe for a moment about all the great stories about orphans in literature and movie. Orphans are uniquely vulnerable and hence have the most possible for development.

YOUR CHARACTER SEES A GHOST. They all saw ghosts!

Wish to download a totally free novel ideas guide? You can get these 10 unique concepts as a complimentary download here.

YOUR CHARACTER BEGINS A JOURNEY. Who hasnt been yearning to get to a destination just to be delayed by something unanticipated?

WHO DIES? Excellent authors do not turn away from death, which is, after all, the universal human experience. Rather, they look it straight into its dark face and explain what they see on the page.

MONSTER. Beasts, whether individuals who do monstrous things or flaky monsters or natural disasters, constantly expose whats inside an individual. Let your character fall under the course of a beast and see how they handle themselves.

The very best unique idea doesnt simply come from a minute of inspiration. It might start like that, however you also have to do the tough work to process, develop, and sharpen that concept.

90 Novel Ideas For Every Genre.

Need more unique ideas? Here are ideas based on the literary genre you write:.

20 Mystery Story Ideas.

My favorite: “Ever heard the expression, It is not who fired the shot but who paid for the bullet? This is an approach Tomoe Gozen lives by. Brave and creative, Tomoe follows ideas up until she learns who bought the murder: Emperor Antoku himself. But why would the emperor of Japan wish to kill a lowly soldier?”.

Click for the mystery novel ideas.

Take pleasure in an excellent detective novel? (Personally, Inspector Gamache is my preferred.) If you like mysteries and want to compose one, youll like these secret unique ideas.

20 Sci-Fi Novel Ideas.

From the minimum-wage-earning, ancient-artifact-hunting time traveller to the space-exploring, sentient dinosaurs, these sci-fi story ideas will get you set loose your inner nerd.

Click for the unique concepts.

20 Fantasy Novel Ideas.

Simply try to not have a good time writing (or perhaps just reading!) these dream unique ideas.

Uneasy wedding event preparation in between magic wielding relative and those more on the Muggle side of things? A fairy prince who decides to abandon his responsibilities to become a street artist? Bored teenaged wizards tossing a graduation event?

Click for the fantasy novel concepts.

10 Thriller Novel Ideas.

Click for thriller novel ideas.

A thriller typically is a criminal offense satisfies scary story, but today, the thriller dips easily into other genres. To put it simply, expect the unexpected!

20 Romance Novel Ideas.

Its Time to Finish Your Novel Idea.

Whatever you do, when you start, dont stop composing (not even if you come up with a brand-new, much better book concept). If you keep writing and keep trusting the process, youll complete your book.

If you want to in fact finish writing your book concept, dont make the mistake of attempting to do it all on your own. Get a composing group. Whatever you do, dont try to write a book on your own.

Believe through each action of the composing procedure, from the preliminary concept to how much youll write every day to the modifying and even releasing procedure. Find out how to write a book plan and get our totally free book plan worksheet here.

Hint: When it concerns romance, a sense of humor is always an excellent idea. Have a good time!

Heres one of my favorites from this list: “Shes a police. Hes the owner of a precious jewelry store.A sudden rash of burglaries brings her to his shop over and over and over again, until it becomes obvious that he might be tripping the alarm on purpose– simply to see her. Thats unlawful– however shes sort of falling for him, too. Compose the moment she understands she needs to do something about this insane illegal courtship.”.

Wait … How Do You Actually FINISH a Novel.

Since its inadequate to have a concept, right. You likewise have to finish composing your novel!

And what Ive discovered is that there really is a set of actions to guarantee you really complete. Heres the process:.

Dont conserve your finest idea for some later date. Write it now.

In our 100 Day Book program, I lead writers through a tested procedure to complete their books. Weve assisted thousands of writers take their concept and turn it into a completed book, often for the very first time.

The secret to writing a fantastic novel: Pick a fantastic unique concept. Then, do not stop writing up until the book is completed.

Wish to learn more about this procedure? Or even join the 100 Day Book program? Heres our ultimate how to compose an unique guide. And examine out 100 Day Book here.

As soon as you have your novel concept, your group, your repercussion, and your plan, theres just one thing left: write.

Write! Now that youve laid a strong structure, youre prepared to write! If you have a team, a tough repercussion, and a strategy, youll find that youre focused, prepared, and ready to complete your book!

Do not put your story down midway through. Ask your team for assistance, remember your consequence, and revisit your plan– then keep composing.

You can end up an unique if you follow the compose procedure (sorry, I had to).

Do you require to use all of the concepts above in your book? Of course not! One or more of them may help you take your inkling of an unique idea and turn it into the basis of an amazing story.

Set a repercussion. Set a due date for when youre going to finish your book (I suggest composing your initial draft in 100 days), and after that create a consequence for if you fail to end up by your deadline. Select something painful. For example, for my last book, I composed a $1,000 check to the governmental candidate I really didnt wish to win, provided it to a fellow writer, and informed her to send it if I didnt strike my deadline. Ive never been more focused!

Dont get stuck trying to write a best story. Just compose.

My biggest support is this: do not get prevented, and do not get too fired up either. Completing a novel does not depend on sensations. It counts on a good procedure.

Click for the romance unique concepts.

And quickly, youll turn your remarkable novel concept into an ended up book!

Compose your idea in one to three sentences. Take fifteen minutes to establish your idea, then share your sentences in the comments listed below.

What do you consider when establishing your novel ideas? Let us understand in the remarks.


Think of your unique concept because of these 10 ideas. Dont have a novel idea? Use one or more of the prompts to develop one.

Make sure to leave feedback for your fellow authors! Which book concepts are you interested in reading?

One or more of them might assist you take your notion of an unique concept and turn it into the basis of an incredible story.

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You desire to write, but when you sit down to get begun, you realize you dont have a novel concept. Or maybe, you already have an unique concept, however you simply arent sure if its any excellent. If you like mysteries and desire to write one, youll enjoy these secret novel concepts.

Joe Bunting.

Believe about your unique idea in light of these 10 ideas.

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