Top 7 Mistakes Writers Make with Their Author Photos

Yet numerous authors declare shyness, a lack of time, unhappiness with their appearance, or other problems for the reality that they dont have quality author pictures. Ive included over 300 authors on my composing websites. I know.

by Colleen M. Story

The subject of expert photos shouldnt be a tough one for authors today, however in some way, it frequently is.

Below are the 7 most common mistakes Ive seen authors make with their images, and how to remedy them.

These reasons may have worked years earlier, but not anymore. Its time to buck up and get yourself a good professional photographer if youre major about being a writer. Youre in the organization of being an author. You need to look like an expert, innovative individual.

We reside in a visual world where our pictures are often used to identify us. Authors, in specific, become understood to their readers, fellow authors, and other network contacts through their pictures as much or perhaps more than their written words.

1. Not Having a Photo At All

Ive heard all the excuses. Here are a few of the common ones:

I dont like how I look in pictures.
I have not had time to get an excellent photo.
I cant discover any good photos of me.
I d rather disappoint my face and let my words promote themselves.

You are (or desire be) a professional writer. Not having or being able “to find” your author image is unprofessional, at finest.

These kinds of excuses only harm you as an author. Todays readers would like to know who you are.

Rather: Please do not use reasons. Make a point to have some expert (or a minimum of professional-looking) images taken and keep them in a safe location so you can access them when required (which in todays world, is frequently!).

I totally understand having a personal nature. I have one myself. However when you fail to reveal yourself online, youre essentially hiding from your readers and theyll understand it. Even if they forgive you for it, they will not relate to you as well as if you provide a visual referral.

2. Using a Photo from 20 Years Ago or More

Rather: Once your author image ends up being 10 years old or older, have another series of photos taken. Its time to update your image to match who you are today.

Im always surprised when authors do this. Readers are smart.

Are you ashamed of your age? Trying to trick readers into thinking youre more youthful than you are? In either case, theyre going to feel tricked– particularly if they pertain to see you personally and discover you appear vastly various than your old image. This is not the impression you wish to make.

3. Taking a Photo from Miles Away

Take your photograph from as far away as you like if you arent interested in growing your audience. However if you wish to contend in todays market, do not make this error..

Once again, I understand the desire for privacy, but if youre going to operate as an author on todays market, youre refraining from doing yourself any favors by concealing. Associating with your readers is the finest method to keep them returning for more.

Instead: Have some images taken particularly for your usage as an author. If you want to reveal some scenery in an article or something, go for it, but make sure you have professional author pictures that enable readers to see your lovely face..

Ive gotten images in which authors are standing numerous feet (or more) away from the professional photographer and the audience can simply make out their general functions. Some authors go an action even more and turn their backs to the camera.

4. Having Your Friend or Partner Dash Off a Snapshot.

Too frequently I get photos from authors that are clearly amateur. If these images make the author look sidetracked, silly, unkempt, or examined out, thats the image the reader will have of the author, no matter what the truth might be.

Theres absolutely nothing wrong with using enjoyable photos in your social networks posts and even in your blogs, but when it concerns your official author images, its best to use a professional photographer or a minimum of somebody with a talent for photography.

Instead: Invest in a professional photographer, or at least in somebody who is a knowledgeable enthusiast. Its a great investment in your author career– when you have professional pictures, you can use them over and over once again across all mediums, from your print books to your website to your company cards, guest post, posters, and more. Expert pictures make you look your best and are well worth the money.

5. Ignoring the Background.

Some professional authors use background, lighting, and even clothing to portray their fiction category or location of nonfiction know-how. (Romance, horror, and thriller authors are frequently really good at this.) But thats not required. What matters is that the background doesnt offer a negative impression.

Instead: You do not need to depict the type of composing you carry out in your author photo (though it can be cool if done right), but at the minimum, pick a neutral background that will not distract from the main subject of the picture: you.

Do you actually want readers seeing you on your old dull sofa or underneath your hanging geranium? Is it an excellent business relocate to reveal yourself in front of a warehouse store or dilapidated cupboard?

6. Neglecting the Lighting.

If your picture makes the flowers or the city or the lake behind you more lit up and intriguing than your face, those who see it will naturally keep in mind the background more than they will remember you. Its simply the way the brain works.

Instead: If you hire an expert photographer, you will not have to fret about this. That person will understand how important great lighting is to a quality picture. If youre taking images outside, an expert will schedule a particular time of day to take benefit of the very best light, and will likewise bring along additional lighting to highlight your face. (If they do not, employ a various professional photographer.) If you take them in the studio, your photographer will have a number of lights available to deal with.

Heres what that does: It makes the reader remember the background more than your image. Thats bad for your profession since you want readers to acknowledge your face when you see it. Thats the point of marketing online– to slowly get increasingly more readers to acknowledge you and become interested in your work.

If youre having a friend or amateur professional photographer take you photos rather, be alert to the lighting. The softer light of daybreak and sunset always makes deals with look their best, and indoor lighting to the side of the subject rather than directly overhead or in front will also produce the best outcomes..

Ive gotten numerous author pictures that cast the author in darkness. The light is coming from behind the author, who is the centerpiece in the picture, so the eye is drawn more to the background (or any place the light falls) than to the authors face.

7. Failing to Look Your Best.

This has absolutely nothing to do with attempting to appear like someone youre not and whatever to do with appreciating the reader. If you appear in your sweats with your hair a mess and thats your image, youre telling the reader you didnt wish to trouble getting ready for the picture– and thus didnt appreciate yourself or your work.

If the feedback isnt terrific, think about buying an expert photoshoot. As soon as you go through it, youll be set for about a decade, so its not something you require to do frequently. Excellent pictures are crucial, though, to your online author platform. Do yourself a favor and do not disregard this piece of your author business!

Instead: When preparing yourself for your author pictures, think of how you d like to appear when fulfilling your reader face to face for the very first time. You wish to put your best foot forward, right? Put some effort into it and your reader will observe.

Have a look at your author pictures and attempt to see them from a readers point of view– one who doesnt know you. What does the image state to that individual? Do not hesitate to take the photos around to some buddies and even complete strangers to see what qualities they obtain from the images. You can collect some terrific details that method.

The Important Thing About Author Photos.

Naturally, if you have a particular image youre attempting to represent in your marketing materials, go all out. The key is to put some thought into it so your image reflects your finest self.

What has worked well for you with author images? If so, did you hear feedback about it?

Many writers claim shyness, an absence of time, unhappiness with their appearance, or other issues for the reality that they dont have quality author pictures. If these pictures make the author look sidetracked, silly, unkempt, or inspected out, thats the image the reader will have of the author, no matter what the reality may be.

About Colleen.

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Its a good investment in your author career– as soon as you have expert photos, you can utilize them over and over again throughout all mediums, from your print books to your website to your company cards, guest blog posts, posters, and more. Rather: When getting all set for your author pictures, think of how you d like to appear when fulfilling your reader in individual for the first time. Take a look at your author images and attempt to see them from a readers point of view– one who doesnt know you.

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