What Should I Write About? A Simple Way to Answer That Question

Fun creative writing prompts are excellent for jump-starting imagination or unsticking your voice. No one desires to know more about what takes place when Bigfoot goes vegan than I do.
The distinction is that “avoidance” indicates an option has actually already been made in the instructions of whats being prevented. What youre preventing is already calling for your attention. Or a blog post idea that is still just a couple of bullet points, but clamoring for your attention.

In the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient story from India on how to cope with purpose, one character informs his struggling equivalent:
You do not understand what to choose due to the fact that you do not understand your True Self.
Oof. Oops.
As both a writer and a yogi, I dont believe theres one sentence better– or more cutting– that catches why numerous writers battle with the continuous and ever present predicament that every writer experiences on his/her creative journey:
” But what should I compose about?”
I constructed a corner of my organisation around helping writers solve for this very creative battle. From 2012 to 2016, my paid-membership online authors group served numerous composing triggers and lessons to a neighborhood of 300 authors from 17 countries.
While one intention I had for the group was to assist members learn how to compose much better, I likewise wished to assist authors enjoy their composing journeys, rather than feel locked in a continuous innovative struggle.
As the years unfolded, I observed a pattern:
The most significant growth for my authors happened when skill-building practice converged with personal topics that directed authors into much better knowing their real selves.
Dont get me incorrect. Fun innovative writing prompts are excellent for jump-starting creativity or unsticking your voice. When Bigfoot goes vegan than I do, no one wants to know more about what happens.
And yet, if you truly want to feel like being a writer is enhancing the quality of your life?
At some time, you will desire what youre blogging about to intersect with the life that youre living– and, for it to much better notify you of how youre living it.
Addressing the question “What should I compose about?”
Of the numerous prompts, lessons and conversations Ive provided to assist authors write more and write better, theres one six-word question that is the most direct course into addressing the evasive concern of what to write about:
” What have I been preventing recently?”
As you believe through this, try to distinguish what youre avoiding from what you dont like, what youre scared of or what you do not want.
The distinction is that “avoidance” suggests an option has currently been made in the direction of whats being avoided. What youre preventing is already calling for your attention.
Whatever it is, what youre avoiding ha already been selected on some much deeper level of your awareness.
The easy response is to write about what youre preventing writing if youre having a hard time to figure out what to compose.
And if there isnt a particular project or subject in your corner burner, instead ask yourself what you might be avoiding in your life nowadays, beyond your writing. Possibly theres a tough-love admission about how youve really been feeling recently, or a silly argument with a pal thats replaying in your mind.
The point is to examine what youre preventing, due to the fact that the nature of avoiding it suggests that it matters to you, and– considering that youve already selected it, deep down– youll require to eventually choose it completely to approach it.
In the act of composing, you may yet find why youve been avoiding it.
Exploring your inner landscape on paper can assist you brighten shadows habits, habits, worries, fears and other natural machinations of the mind– the sly things that causes resistance in writing, doing and creating. The healthier the relationship in between you and your true self, the much easier it ends up being to select your options fully.

Something powerful starts to take place when we write through the extremely concerns, topics and has a hard time that inspire more self-knowledge.
We answer the concern, “What should I write about?”
Much better yet, when we utilize our composing to confront the topic of “what weve been preventing lately,” our writing ends up being a tool even more significant than for just informing stories.
When we compose about topics that explore the journey of life as we live it, we get to know ourselves better and better.
Composing ends up being a help for our own recovery, self-actualization and pursuit of joy.
This is an updated version of a story that was formerly published. We upgrade our posts as typically as possible to guarantee theyre beneficial for our readers.
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About the Author: Dave Ursillo.
Dave Ursillos teachings and works offer you tools for self-expression at the crossroads of self-knowledge and generous service. As a writer, 11-time author and yoga instructor, Dave develops services, items and experiences to help self-starters and “everyday yogis” lead their lives in love.

Avoidance will reveal you the way
Asking yourself “What have I been avoiding lately?” is a simple question, and its a fast method for identifying a composing subject thats near to the experience youre living in the moment.
Better yet, the question produces an individual, meaningful questions that might assist you better comprehend what youre withstanding and why youre withstanding it.
Whether youre withstanding a book topic, a blog post, sending an essay to a contest, or avoiding something un-writing-related altogether, you can utilize your writing as a process for much better understanding.
Here are 2 simple scripts you can utilize to take advantage of what youve been avoiding lately:
” If Im being truly sincere with myself, what Ive been avoiding lately has been ________. Ive probably been preventing it ever given that ________.”

” Where is my avoidance coming from? My go-to excuse for not doing it has been __________. Perhaps Im actually withstanding it due to the fact that ________.”

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