Why it’s So F*ing Hard to Be a Freelance Writer

With all the beneficial suggestions on how to end up being a freelance writer I have actually posted on this blog, you d think I might sign off and be done. I simply checked, and there are almost 500 posts on here!

Each week I hear from authors with new questions. Why?

Its not simple becoming a freelance author.

Writers are constantly asking me:

What is the one best, most inexpensive, low-cost, fastest method for me to market my writing and discover great pay?

But there isnt one single, basic answer to that.

What were attempting to do isnt easy– to find a location for ourselves in a quickly developing independent marketplace.

The difficulties of freelancing

Here are a few of the common challenges freelance writers encounter:

Successful marketing normally needs a great deal of experimentation. What works for one writer might not work for you.
Rates are all over the location, so its tough to know what to charge.
There are numerous types of possible business customers, and kinds of publications, too.
You have to face rejection.

Your family and friends may not understand or support your decision to freelance.
The market varies, highly fragmented, and confusing.
There are various possible beginning points.

It can feel scary, and youll need to confront those worries to progress.
You need self-confidence.
You require to be resourceful and know how to find details, from reputable professionals to editors e-mail addresses.
If you write for long, you will make errors, it will be humiliating, and youll have to draw it up and continue.
Not everyone will like what you compose, and youll have to deal with criticism.
A lot of the more enjoyable kinds of composing– poetry, imaginative nonfiction, brief stories, personal essays– generally dont pay well.
Some editors will butcher your work.
You may require customized training for higher-paying writing specific niches such as direct-mail advertising copywriting or technical writing.
Its extremely competitive to get in at the great-paying magazines, or to land the profitable copywriting gigs.
Some clients are flaky and end up stiffing you.
Some customers are boundary-pushers and wish to suck up all your time.
Youll require to find a method to separate your writing services and stand out from the crowd.
There are a lot of fraud composing “deals” on the Internet you could fall for.
Plenty of composing markets that pay little or absolutely nothing. Its up to you to discover the better-paying markets.
The drive to prosper has to originate from you. Theres no employer looking over your shoulder.
You need to learn how to negotiate, how to manage your costs … in short, how to run a business.
Whenever you think you have the hang of it, changes come and you have to discover more abilities.

There is one advantage to the complicated world of freelancing– if it were easy, everybody would be doing it.

That cuts the herd a bit for those of us who have the shrewd, the persistence, and the gumption to make freelance composing our living.

What do you think is the hardest aspect of being a freelance writer? Include your reason to the comments


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