Why We Didn’t Hit #1 Bestseller on Amazon

Today, it was our objective to get Sarah Gribbles launching novel, Surviving Death, into the # 1 bestselling area in its classification on Amazon. We strove for it, came so close, and simply directly missed out on. In this post, I desire to share what we did to get so close and why we missed, and speak about whether it truly matters.

At the end, I d enjoy to hear your thoughts on what we did, and any concepts on what we could have done in a different way to much better reach # 1.


Do Bestseller Tags Matter?

Before we speak about how we got so close and why we missed out on, you might be wondering, does it really matter?

What difference do bestseller labels really make? And is it really something to work so tough on?

Personally, books that Ive composed or consulted for have hit the Wall Street Journal bestseller list, the USA Today bestseller list, and the Amazon bestseller list. Each time, sales have actually spiked as a result.

The bestseller tag helps you offer more books, acting as social evidence and also working on Amazon and other booksellers algorithms to refer your book to more readers.

So does ending up being a bestseller matter? Qualitatively, no. In terms of sales and an authors career, definitely.

From that perspective, its indisputable that having a bestseller label beside a book grants you more authority, assists sales of your book, and enhances your profession as a whole.

At The Write Practice, we of course care deeply about helping authors write fantastic books. We likewise care about assisting authors make those books successful and, at a broader level, helping them prosper in their professions as authors.

Lets acknowledge that just because a book becomes a bestseller, it doesnt mean its any great. Quality and sales numbers are not synonymous, and while there is probably some kind of connection between sales and how great a book is, weve all seen bad books make the bestseller list.

And in this case, Sarah is an author we think in, who we understand is an excellent author, and who has actually composed such an excellent book, so we desired to assist her hit the list.

The Number Of Books Do You Need to Sell Hit the Bestseller List?

Collaborations. We asked partners in our area, like Stephanie Ellis at Horror Tree, to share about the book during the launch.

Platform promo. We likewise sent out three emails to our list at The Write Practice asking readers to take a look at the book.

Many indie books, on the other hand, have actually hit lists, even big lists like the NY Times Bestseller List or USA Today Bestseller List, during discount promos, often with several different authors promoting their books together.

Marked down rate during launch window. Throughout the week of launch we lowered the cost of the eBook version of Surviving Death to $2.99 to make it easy for individuals to buy the book immediately. When the launch window was over, the price would return to $5.99, which produced an additional level of seriousness to motivate people to buy the book rapidly.

Introduce window rewards. In addition to the discount rate, we offered numerous “prizes” for purchasing the book throughout the launch window. Readers might forward their receipt to a special e-mail address that would provide access to a free novella by Sarah, plus a chance to win prizes like keychains, bookmarks, sticker labels, and a copy of the audiobook, more than $600 in prizes in all.

Personal promotion. Sarah and I, in addition to the rest of our team, promoted the book to our personal social networks channels. We even gifted the book to several buddies we thought might enjoy it.

Several of these classifications were rather competitive– like the Dark Fantasy classification, which takes 1,591 sales in a day to strike the leading area– but there were a couple of that were more winnable.

Its worth keeping in mind, a few of these categories are more helpful for further sales than others. Its not likely many readers are camping out on the Norse & & Viking Myths & and Legends bestsellers list, simply waiting to discover their next favorite book (however I might be incorrect about that!). Even so, becoming a bestseller in a few of these specific niche classifications can help you rise into the more financially rewarding classifications, like Dark Fantasy.

For Sarahs book, we have strategies to do promos in the future, once the book has actually gotten over 100 evaluations. We also desired to have a strong launch.

In the screenshot above you can see that in the Norse & & Viking Myths & Legends category, the leading book sold 113 books in one day. Understanding this is very beneficial, since now we have a target for the number of sales we require to get to reach # 1.

To be the finest seller, you simply need to offer more copies than any other book in the classification.

The brief response is: it depends.

Launch team. In the months prior to the publication date, we constructed a launch team of over 200 readers (most from this community– thanks for your aid!). These readers accepted share the book in the week of the launch and leave a review.
Testimonial blurbs. We asked prominent authors in our neighborhood to check out the book and write a one- or two-sentence review of the book, which we positioned in the editorial area. These reviews are shown to improve on-page conversion rate (suggesting more people who arrive on the page purchase).

Author promotion. Sarah had actually built a community of hundreds of readers by releasing short stories in literary magazines and publishing articles here on The Write Practice. Throughout the launch week, she sent a number of emails to her list to tell them about the book, speak about the prizes, and inquire to acquire throughout the launch window.

What We Did to Try to Hit the Bestseller List.

A lot of traditionally published books and many indie books struck a bestseller list during the week after their launch. Thats why launching well is so essential.

Here are a few of the things we did to make that occur:.

There are 2 trustworthy times to strike the bestseller list: during a books launch and throughout a discount promotion.

To determine this, we utilized Publisher Rocket, a piece of software application for writers and publishers that assists you get sales and discovery data from Amazon.

Given that the book deals with legends and misconceptions, we put it in the Myths & & Legends category, both into the Norse & & Viking and Greek & & Roman subcategories, as you can see in the screenshot above.

Sarah Gribbles book plays with the concept of Dantes Divine Comedy, and weaves standard gods and magnificent beings from numerous cultures into the mix, including the Lucifer, the Valkyries, and Death himself.

Did These Promotions Work?

After simply a few days, Surviving Death ended up being a # 1 New Release on Amazon. This offered it a featured spot in several classifications, which was practical!

During the launch window, we sold over 500 copies of Surviving Death. 307 of those sales began the final day.

Thats right, 307, which according to Publisher Rocket must have easily sufficed to hit # 1 in a number of classifications.

So, what happened? Shouldnt we have ended up being a # 1 bestseller?

And this is the difficult part of chasing the bestseller list: its a moving target, one that can change daily based on the other books that are being released at the very same time.

Thats exactly what we were asking late Wednesday night. Even as we were climbing up the ranks of Amazon, we never reached the # 1 spot. We came extremely close, however in category after category, it appeared like there was always a book ahead of us.

In the Norse & & Viking Myths & Legends category, a book that had not even been in the top 10 shot ahead us, reaching # 1 with an Amazon Best Sellers Rank of # 250, over 400 areas greater than us.

Obviously this book, which came out just a couple of days after us, was part of a nine-book series by a more established author who was able to reach the list much more quickly than Sarah, a relatively newer author.

Whats Next?

To be picked by Bookbub, though, your book needs to have a great deal of reviews. Our next action is to get more book reviews. Presently Surviving Death has 31 evaluations. Over the next couple of months, our objective is to get over 100 reviews.

Now that the launch window is over, there are still things we can do to end up being a primary bestseller.

As I discussed, there are 2 primary methods to end up being a bestseller. The very first is throughout the launch window, however the other is through a discount promotion in partnership with a book promotion site, like Bookbub.

How do we do that?

By requesting assistance!

Joe Bunting is an author and the leader of The Write Practice neighborhood. He is likewise the author of the new book.
Crowdsourcing Paris, a reality experience story set in France. It was a # 1 New Release on Amazon. You can follow him on.
Instagram (@jhbunting).

Thats all for today. Delighted writing!

You cant choose if another author in your area decides to release their book throughout the same window. You cant control how numerous books they sell, and if they offer more copies than you.

These readers agreed to share the book in the week of the launch and leave a review.
We asked prominent authors in our neighborhood to check out the book and compose a one- or two-sentence evaluation of the book, which we put in the editorial area. In addition to the discount rate, we used several “rewards” for buying the book throughout the launch window. During the launch week, she sent out several emails to her list to inform them about the book, talk about the rewards, and ask them to purchase throughout the launch window.

At The Write Practice, we think authors achieve success when they do two things:.

I think generosity always comes back to us (and even if it doesnt, its still worth doing!), so do something generous today.

You can select when you release your book, how you interact your launch, how much work you do, how many people you speak to, how generous you are, and how early you start to construct relationships so that when youre all set to launch they wish to help.


What concerns do you have about our launch experience? Do you have any feedback about what we should have done in a different way? Let us understand in the comments.

Be generous. Be generous with readers to build life-long relationships with readers. Be generous with other authors to build a cartel, a group of competitors who collaborate for their typical good. Generosity is the very best way to become a successful author.

After youre generous, you have to ask for aid. We all require aid, whether that looks like getting feedback on your writing, having individuals join your launch group, getting people to purchase your book, or even getting reviews.

Joe Bunting.

You can manage only what you can manage.

Its simpler to request assistance after youve been generous.

The lesson is this: focus on what you can control.

We all require help, whether that looks like getting feedback on your writing, having people join your launch group, getting people to buy your book, or even getting evaluations.

So if you bought Surviving Death, would you do us a substantial favor and leave an evaluation? Every review assists! You can leave an evaluation here.

For your practice today, do something generous for another author. Perhaps its giving feedback on somebodys practice on another post on The Write Practice. Possibly its reviewing another authors book on your blog.

And do not stop composing, because while introducing your book well is essential, the most important thing is to introduce your next book.

After we completed debriefing her launch, Sarah took the remainder of the day off to modify her next book. Thats the mentality of an author who is going to strike lots of bestseller lists.

The Big Lesson After Not Hitting the Bestseller List.

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