Write Faster With This Productivity Checklist for Freelancers

Want to know how to write faster and get more work done?

Thats really not what keeps you from getting work done, examining tasks off your to-do list, and making more cash as a freelancer.

You know … so you can have a life and spend time with family and buddies.

When youre always in Hair-On-Fire mode as a freelance writer, productivity suffers, you miss out on due dates, you ignore marketing. Creativity suffers, and its hard to compose faster.

Opportunities are quite good its your environment …

Sure, improving your typing speed can help you compose quicker.

A desk or computer jumbled with documents or digital files.
A million random tasks in the deal with notes and ideas scattered all over the location.
Your phone and computer buzzing with an endless stream of reminders and notices.
A random always-working schedule mixed with other activities and obligations

Possibly take a getaway, take a long time for hobbies, and actually take pleasure in the freedom and flexibility of being a freelance author.

Sound familiar?

Fed up with seeming like an overloaded and stressed freelance author? Utilize this list to get organized, produce a plan for freelance success, and compose quicker.

1. Stop building up things you do not do anything with

If youre reading this blog site, you dont need anything else to start self-employed writing, to pitch a prospect, to write a query letter, to complete an assignment. Its all right here.

Shiny Object Syndrome is a genuine thing.

Sure, every author should be a long-lasting student. If you keep purchasing books, courses, software application, tools, and things you do not use, youre wasting TIME and MONEY.

Heres another method to put this:

Suggestion: If you think you in fact require training to level up your abilities to compose faster, the Freelance Writers Den has all the resources you require. Thats it Put a moratorium on purchasing anymore things, and concentrate on getting paid to write.

If you wish to compose much faster, begin by stopping filling your brain, your computer system, and your office with stuff you do not require and youre not going to use.

” She who purchases what she does not require, takes from herself.”

2. Plan your workday … and adhere to it.

Then you get sucked into social networks. Your girlfriend contacts us to chat, and then you cut out early for breakfast.

Strategy your workday. Compose it down. And adhere to it.

Youll complete a freelance project for a customer. Do some marketing. And react to e-mails.

And before you understand it, your well-intentioned workday is gone.

Youve got it all in your head. Right?

FYI … you cant compose much faster this way. In reality, you cant really compose anything if your workdays appear like this.

Heres an example of one of my current workdays:

6 a.m. Go for an 8-mile run
7 a.m. Shower, breakfast
8-10 a.m. Drive + in-person conference with possibility
10-12 p.m. Follow up with potential customers, client tasks through e-mail + check social media
12-1 p.m. Review notes for client article
1 p.m. Break for lunch at food carts + make plans for dinner
2-5 p.m.: Write/schedule client article
5-8 p.m. Dinner + playtime with kids
8-10 p.m. Plan tomorrows workday, capture the news, bedtime

Pick a system that works for you to prepare your workday

Tip: Plan every workday the night before, and compose it down. When you attempt to keep everything in your head, youre a lot most likely to forget priorities or waste time on things that will not assist you get work done. Focus on by putting just THREE things on your to-do list.

3. Set limits

Tip: Set boundaries with your family AND your customers. Share your schedule. Let them understand when youll return to them. If its really urgent, be flexible. Otherwise stick to your strategy.

At very first I was really annoyed, and essentially captivated every interruption.

Can I have a snack?
Can I enjoy a program?
Can we go on a bike flight?
Will you play video games with me?
Can you repair this thing that I broke?
And the timeless wail of a tortured soul …” Im borrrrrred. Theres nothing to doooooo.”

FYI … Bad clients can thwart your productivity, too, with unneeded conferences, check-ins, e-mails, after-hours phone calls, rush projects, and more. Do not let this happen, OK?

I operate at home with 3 kids (ages, 7, 11, and 14). Its been that way considering that March thanks to the coronavirus. And at initially the disturbances were unlimited.

And you understand what? My efficiency drew … BIG TIME. It was tough to get ANY work done. Or I d ditch the entire day, then keep up insane late.

Oh, Ill provide you something to do. LOL.

4. Remove diversions

Your brain cant manage switching back and forth in between jobs efficiently. So, stop doing it.

In this Forbes short article, freelance writer and Focuswise founder Curt Steinhorst explains how multi-tasking kills productivity by approximately 40 percent.

But its a legendary waste of time.

At one time, multi-tasking was thought about a badge of honor. Sweeping from one job to the next and back once again like a great little worker bee harvesting pollen.

If you wish to write faster and improve efficiency, eliminate interruptions throughout your workday like this:

Set blinders to “overlook” or relocate to another space if your kitchen area, living space, bed room, or whatever you call your office is messy. (Carol Tice does this).

Turn off visual notices. Pop-up ads and push notices can disrupt your work flow

Work in batches for one client at a time, rather of leaping back and forth. Or focus or focus on marketing, e-mail, or social networks in batches, rather of flitting around.

Close some tabs on your internet browser. Seriously, you cant process details in 20 browsers at once. Close some tabs and focus on one task. Your celebrity chatter news or flash-alert shopping deals can wait.

Turn off audio notices. You understand, the dings, buzzes, and sounds from your computer system, phone, tablet, and other devices. Set those to silent.

Silent haptic feedback. What the heck is that? “Your phone buzzes when you press things,” states freelance author and expert organizer Jennifer Hoffman. “Its called haptic feedback. That little buzz offers your anxious system a little small jolt. And it simply makes your nervous system more thrilled when it most likely does not require to be.”

5. Set process goals & & keep track.

If youve set a goal to become a six-figure freelance writer, thats fantastic.

The number of pitches or LOIs will you send out?
How lots of brand-new contacts will you invite to get in touch with on LinkedIn?
How numerous hours will you invest dealing with projects for clients X, Y, Z?
How much time will you invest in marketing?
How long does it take you to finish specific kinds of jobs?
Whats your typical hourly rate per project?

Simply keep in mind that its not dollar signs that will help you achieve your goal, its the actions you take to arrive.

Set procedure goals (actions you can manage and measure), and track your development. For instance:.

Tip: Set an objective per day, per week, or per month. Do the work, and keep track of your progress.

6. Audit your customers routinely.

You understand what it feels like to crank out copy for soul-sucking rates if youve invested any time in the content mills.

Clients come and go. Its just part of freelancing. However some clients are better than others.

What if you keep lousy customers around?

Its a time suck that avoids you from marketing and finding better customers. It starts to take a toll on your psychological health, joy and creativity.

Not good?

Pointer: This exercise makes it easy to discover out which client is short on the totem pole, as in the least valuable based upon money and time. If a client isnt paying what you want, however taking up a great deal of time, think about working out a rate boost of dropping your most affordable payer after you find a better client.

To prevent falling under this classic trap, losing time, and losing cash, develop a plan to investigate your clients routinely. Once a month, once a quarter, when a year … choose one.

Heres what you need to know at a glance:.

How much is this client worth annually?
Whats your typical hourly rate for this customer?
The number of hours do you spend on jobs for this client?
Just how much do you enjoy this clients tasks?
How does this client compare to your other customers?

7. Sculpt out some me-time.

Plan the perfect workday for success.

Whats the secret to freelance success? It actually begins with establishing efficiency routines that help you maximize your time, move up and make more. Now, go strategy your workday for tomorrow.

If you wish to write faster and get more work done, work more hours. That may appear like a great concept, however it isnt.

Youll feel better. And when its time to take a seat and compose, youll crush it.

How do you write faster? Share your pointers in the remark section below.

Idea: If you believe you actually require training to level up your abilities to write quicker, the Freelance Writers Den has all the resources you require. Put a moratorium on buying anymore things, and focus on getting paid to write.

Youll finish a freelance task for a customer. Write it down. Tip: Plan every workday the night before, and compose it down.

Youll get exhausted.
Youll burn out.
Your family and pals will get annoyed with you.
And youll miss out on out on some of the great benefits of being a freelance writer like owning your schedule and being your own boss.

Get a massage. Go for a bike flight. Invest time with your family.

If youre major about composing quicker, boosting productivity, and sensation delighted about your freelance life, make me-time a regular part of your schedule.

Evan Jensen is the blog site editor for Make a Living Writing. When hes not on a writing deadline or catching up on emails, hes training to run another 100-mile ultra-marathon.

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