Writing Conferences Online: 5 Ways They’re Fresh & Useful

Whats up with writing conferences during all this COVID-19 craziness?

If youre a freelance writer in 2020, participating in a brand-new digital conference in the COVID-era might prove to be among the finest opportunities for you in years.

Now what? Some writing conferences have actually simply vanished, while others have actually delayed to 2021, because its too unsafe to satisfy personally right now.

Heres the thing … In order for online writing conferences to prosper, organizers need to figure out new ways to make it beneficial for everybody involved. And its taking place.

Thinking of participating in an online composing conference? Heres five huge reasons theyre fresh and beneficial.

But theres another sector of conference organizers rushing to create a replacement. Out of the woeful ashes of canceled hotel appointments and ditched airline company flights online composing conferences are emerging.

Till the pandemic hit, writing conferences worked as a clever location for writers to discover brand-new skills and network with authors, representatives and publishers for almost 100 years.

How does something like that even work?
And why would freelancers wish to participate in an online event without the in-person advantages of traditional writing conferences?

Meet writing-conference organizer Erick Mertz

Erick Mertz

When he is not composing, he takes pleasure in a good cold craft beer, baseball, a bit of travel, dungeon crawling with his parlor game group, and spending quality time with his wife and kid.

Hes also part of the team hosting the online Willamette Writers Conference July 31 to Aug. 2.

Erick Mertz is a ghostwriter and editor from Portland, Ore. Hes likewise the author of The Strange Air. A book series of paranormal secrets that blends aspects of the X-Files and Unsolved Mysteries.

Considering participating in an online writing conference? Heres his top 5 reasons to go:

1. Online composing conferences are more budget-friendly

Traditional composing conferences can get quite pricey.

Theres capacity to get a lot more bang for your buck.

Not any more though..

Organizations around the nation are slashing admissions. A conference that used to cost $600 now hovers around $300. Whichs great news for writers.

Between admission, travel and lodging expenses, and all of those add-ons (Who doesnt buy an arm load of books?), you might quickly pay upwards of $1,000 to participate in an in-person occasion.

On average, online writing conferences are going to be far cheaper for companies to place on. Take away the location costs, catering and professors travel, the costs of putting on the affair are halved.

2. Virtual conferences draw more representatives … of a greater caliber.

Working for the 2019 Willamette Writers Conference, I saw how difficult it was for authors to schedule consultations with representatives, publishers, and supervisors.

” Maybe one day?” They would say.

Well, in 2020, that problem is no more.

Without travel and lodging barriers, composing conferences are already seeing an increased variety of representatives, supervisors, publishers signing up to go to, which implies more access and chances for writers.

Do we fly someone out for one day so they can take pitches? Every representative and manager needed substantial manpower and a deep financial expense.

The problem reserving somebody for a single day is one of both cash and logistics.

Were discussing some of the busiest individuals in the market. For them, making an in-person, three-day conference in Portland, Ore., was a real obstacle.

The barriers are gone.
Agents, supervisors and publishers can take pitches from their home offices.
They can teach classes from their back deck.

3. Light conference attendance enhances the experience for writers.

On one hand, less authors rationally indicates fewer chances to network with fellow participants.

Lower attendance is a boon to writers. Why?

OK, I get that. However think about the previous points:.

In spite of the lower expenses and less barriers, conference participation will definitely be down in 2020. Some quotes state that numbers will be cut in half.

Its like going to Disneyland in winter season. Due to the fact that the lines are so much shorter, youll get to see so much more.

That is a challenging truth for many organizations to swallow. For them, the conference is a significant generator of revenue, most likely what keeps them running throughout the year.

More market specialists.
Much better industry professionals.
A lower number of participants will result in less competition for networking time with those searched for industry professionals.

Ive been to a dozen conferences and typically pitches with the very best representatives are reserved out weeks in advance, leaving everyone else in the lurch.

This is the year to go to the conference where theyre taking pitches if there is a publishing or an agent business that youre targeting.

4. Virtual writing conferences are more available.

Online writing conferences open the experience up larger than ever before to:.

Theyre (for the many part) held in larger cities and can be physically rigorous. I know Im tired each time I complete the three-day grind.

And thats what readers are starving for– more special voices.

People with developmental and physical disabilities.
Writers from lower-income homes.
People experiencing social anxiety.

I have actually worked for the Willamette Writers Conference in Portland for the last three years and attended for 12. Something struck me a long time ago. Year in and year out, I was seeing the very same faces.

There are a few obvious factors for that:.

Without the long hours navigating an airport hotel, there is factor to believe the writing world will open for these distinct voices.

Conferences are pricey, as discussed above.

5. Online writing conferences streamline networking.

Sound familiar? In the virtual conference world, some of that hangover will disappear.

When you meet another attendee in the virtual chat space, youre both on a computer system. All of your e-mail and social networks are right there to forge a much deeper, longer-term connection with that interesting conversation.

But we are not residing in perfect times. Far from it, really.

It is a Pollyanna idea to think that a virtual authors conference can adequately change the real thing. The option is not perfect by any stretch.

Company card hangover. Ive had it a hundred times. At the end of a long 3 days, I come home with a stack of a hundred cards, and I possibly navigate to calling or emailing a few of them.

The scene is a familiar one.

Youre waiting in a conference lunch line. Something youre working on has them delighted.
Then you sit down, exchange service cards and … its over.

While all of us struggle with how to bridge the gap between the world prior to and the one were all headed towards, we should keep in mind to take a look at the modifications before us as chances.

Welcome the change of online writing conferences to grow.

2020 might just be your big one to move up and make more as a freelance writer.

What do you consider online composing conferences? Leave a remark and inform us about it.

Erick Mertz is a ghostwriter, author, and editor from Portland, Ore. Hes also part of the team hosting the virtual 2020 Willamette Writers Conference..

And thats excellent news for authors.

I have actually worked for the Willamette Writers Conference in Portland for the last three years and attended for 12. Year in and year out, I was seeing the exact same faces.

Youre waiting in a conference lunch line. At the end of a long three days, I come house with a stack of a hundred cards, and I perhaps get around to calling or emailing a few of them.

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