Writing Craft Check-Up: Fix These 10 Common Writing Errors

If theres one huge worry that haunts freelance writers the most, its that their writing is not excellent enough. This worry drives authors to buy numerous courses on composing craft. Yet the worry never ever seems to go away.

Do you wonder if your writing is making the grade?

What are these writing-craft essentials? Here are my leading 10 suggestions (and additional credit to those of you who can spot the Hamilton-related subheds):.

As a college dropout who got into freelance writing sort of by accident, I utilized to be haunted by this fear. Heres the good news: You can discover on the job and keep enhancing your writing.

However over the years, Ive changed my mind. There are absolutely some basic things to know that can dramatically improve your writing and help you get more freelance writing jobs.

Thats precisely how I went from clueless songwriter to writing for Forbes, and winning national journalism awards. One piece at a time, one concern at a time to my editors.

For a long period of time, I believed that writing craft cant be taught– you either have a gut impulse for a turn of phrase, for the flow of an excellent sentence, or you dont.

1. Evidence these 2 things.

When I point out that someone has pitched me with an error in subject line or heading, young writers typically tell me, “Hey, I was texting on my phone when I sent out that, so you ought to excuse the error. Ill write better for you when I get the task.”.

Its weird, but I cant inform you how lots of proposed blog headlines or email subject lines Ive received with pitches for guest publishing on my blog that have an apparent grammar or spelling error in them. I believe we write those genuine fast, since weve been thinking on them a long period of time, and after that do not review them.

Sorry, that does not work. Care enough about your pitch to evidence it, no matter what gadget you send it from. Wait till youre at the computer system to send out crucial messages if texting is difficult for you.

Theyre worth a check-back! Otherwise, you get things like this e-mail topic:.

Interest to gust post.

2. Do some splaining.

Check out any newspaper or publication feature, and youll discover yourself reaching a nut. Maybe it starts with a situation or an example, and after that you quickly get a paragraph that says, This is only one example of the growing pattern of X.” Thats the nut.

Writers are sometimes scared theyre giving excessive away prematurely by doing this– but trust me, this little tweak is the one that gets you read.

Evaluation your writing piece and make sure you are flashing the point of it up high in a concentrated paragraph or 2, so readers know what your piece will deliver.

If we check out through the piece, all good short pieces of composing have a paragraph or 2 near the top that explains what well learn. Editors call this the nut graf.

Numerous pieces of composing you can discover online absence a nut graf. They simply being to rattle on along, without any concentrated point in sight, and readers wonder whats in it for them. Readers give up.

3. Break it up.

Are your sentences winding along for 5 lines or more? Unless youre writing for an academic journal, youre going to desire to cut that out.

By the exact same token, short paragraphs likewise win online. Break those up, too.

Especially if youre writing online, short sentences win. Especially if youre composing sales copy … short sentences win big.

Long, windy sentences that are strenuous to make it through. Composed like an academic thesis, rather of like a discussion with an individual in a coffee shop, like excellent online service writing. Understand that lots of readers will quit and leave, if you make them go 3 lines or more to get to the end of sentences– and thats not what you desire.

If youve got a stem-winder sentence, break it into 2 or three short sentences. Better comprehension and more reader retention.

4. Please pause.

Discover the comma guidelines, decide if youre an Oxford comma person or not, and then consistently utilize commas to assist us through your prose.

Im seeing a growing number of writers who provide copy in an out of breath design lacking commas, even in those long sentences I was just speaking about. That makes it difficult to parse what youre stating.

5. The dullness of being.

” He considered going to the shop, but decided not to.”.

See? Still feels more active and like its occurring now, compared with those lethal ing verbs.

Even even worse are long windups into passive verbs or using numerous passive verbs in a sentence, as in, “If youre considering going to the store, get some eggs.”.

Solution: “If you go to the store, get some eggs.”.

Its worth a quick run back through your piece to hunt and eliminate those past-tense verbs, whenever possible. Even if you actually are speaking about the past, you can use easier past-tense verbs, like:.

Passive being verbs are the enemy of intriguing prose. Look for and eliminate yours.

6. Examine adjectives.

Cindy moseyed down the street.
Cindy meandered idly down the street.

As in:.

Another common writing-craft issue I see is adjective options that arent perfect. The one youve chosen isnt exact. It isnt the finest descriptor, just sort of slightly in the ballpark.

One paints a bit more of a picture, yes?

Or even better, possibly the adjective isnt required at all. In which case …

Always look back over your writing at your word options. Do they have the tone this piece requires?

7. Write less, win more.

Take your draft, and then see how much you can compress it down. Do this to all your writing.

The same details can be communicated in this manner:.

For circumstances, have a look at this paragraph in a pitch I examined recently:.

Im a Florida homeowner, so I d have the ability to meet personally with regional alumni or donors who are the subject of profiles, to record those little personal details that makes stories more intriguing.

Find out what your extra words are– really? actually? simply?– and then remove them from your copy.

In addition to my ability to connect nationally and globally to alumni, my home in Florida would allow me to personally meet your donors and alumni who have actually made Florida their house. Often it is much easier to have someone consult with them personally to sit down and chat about their memories and life stories than to try to do that at a range. Im offered to make that possible for your needs in getting interviews with Florida homeowners.

Cut that out, is one of my watchwords.

We all write rambling first drafts. Do not forget to come back and boil it down, to make it as concise as possible. Long, rambling post that dont seem to have had an edit are the hallmark of an amateur.

Editors arent looking for the very first 1,000 words you can think about– they want your finest, most informative, concisely written 1,000 words.

This whittling down of our composing extends down to the single-word level. Writers will frequently have their own set of commonly excessive used additional words.

8. When lists go wrong.

If you want to give us a list of products, you require to set the phase for us, so we know whats going on. Offer us a concluding thought that connects those ideas together. Do not simply toss a list or set of bullets out there that suddenly end, and were left questioning what to believe, or what next action we must take.

Ive found many authors love bulleted or numbered post concepts, however they dont understand how to format this sort of post. They neglect the critical setup and conclusion that make list posts work. Heres the needed format:.

Setup graf (editor-ese for paragraph): “Y is a major problem. Here are 3 factors you ought to do X to repair it:”.
Bullet 1.
Bullet 2.
Bullet 3.

Would not it have been strange if I d gone directly out of this summary into the next subhead in my post? You require a little something to wrap it up? Its the very same with your list.

9. Have you dropped a stitch?

Heres a little writing-craft pointer thats ended up being an obsession of mine over the years: Read the last sentence of each paragraph along with the very first sentence of the next one.

Do they make sense together? Does one logically lead into the other?

A piece of great writing is knit together like a sweatshirt. Theres no dropped stitches or abrupt modifications in the story, where a reader feels baffled and quits.

If its an abrupt shift, understand that you will lose readers, at that point. Some go, Huh? and move on.

10. One last time …

Lots of pieces of composing you can discover online lack a nut graf. Composed like an academic thesis, instead of like a discussion with a person in a cafe, like great online business writing. Always look back over your writing at your word choices. Compose less, win more.

Do not feel bad if you recognize yourself in some of these common writing mistakes. Keep studying the types of sites or publications you d like to write for. Attempt to absorb their writing-craft conventions.

Whats assisted you write much better? Lets discuss in the comments.

No matter how precise you think you are with your writing (I personally certainly never make typos, I swear << cough>>), try to compose ahead.

Then, you can sleep on it and read it once again the next day. Try reading it a sentence at a time from the end to the start, to catch more concerns.

Take a look at how they begin and end pieces, how they mention research study and interview sources. You can reverse-engineer much better composing for a potential customer with a little bit of sleuthing.

Every day, I get blog-post pitches that plainly werent provided a final read-over before sending out. There are sentences that end midway through, obvious misspellings … its clear there wasnt a final read.

If you acknowledge yourself in some of these typical composing errors, dont feel bad.

Keep improving your composing craft.

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