Writing Fears: 13 Scary-Good Tips to Unmask Freelance Success

What are your most frightening freelance writing fears?

Only you cant, because you understand youre indicated to compose.

You understand … the kind that keep you up in the evening.

When you fulfill the dream-killers Fear, Self-Doubt, and Rejection face to deal with in that abandoned storage facility, a dark alley, or a dense forest with relatively no other way out on the road to freelancing, whats your strategy?

You cant do this.Youre going to fail.Who do you think you are?Nobodys every going to employ you.

The kind that makes you wish to tear your face off, scream into a pillow, or flee and never ever return.

Freelance writing isnt for the faint of heart. At every corner theres a perilous monster … waiting, lurking, whispering, teasing you like a demonic doll with hollow eyes attempting to take your soul.

The kind that turns your stomach in knots.

Run, hide, surrender, accept your fate and sink into oblivion?

If youre serious about freelancing, you just have ONE option. Combat back. Face your writing fears, and keep going, keep pitching … until you find a way. You can do this!

What if you totally bomb a freelancing composing job? You miss a due date. You ghost a client. Your deliverable fails to satisfy their expectations … whatever. You cant let one mistake send you to freelancer hell.

Examine out these scary-good ideas to unmask your worst composing fears for freelance success.

Freelancer writer Heather Ritche was haunted by Fear and Self Doubt … for years. These monsters were holding her back, made her physically sick at times and even contemplate giving up.

Heres how she out-maneuvered them, in addition to every reason in the book.

Every author makes errors. And even if something goes extremely incorrect, you can still recover. Heres how:

What if fear of rejection is the important things that keeps holding you back? You cant summon the courage to send out a pitch, raise your rates, go after better-paying clients. It feels like youre standing in quicksand, flailing as you sink to the bottom. But it does not need to be that method.

If you wish to get out of the rat-race of working for lower freelance rates and bidding low so you dont lose a gig, you need to make a mindset shift. Freelance author Kaitlin Morrison knows how frightening it feels to step outdoors your convenience zone. When she lastly did, some pretty crazy stuff took place.

Ever awaken sensation melancholy? Like your freelance composing profession is about to implode. You believe youve had a premonition something bad is about to occur, like some hidden evil force is following you around.

Take a look at the relocations he utilized to make it happen.

Are you almost scared of your own shadow? The kind of freelancer with writing worries about talking with people, pitching, presenting yourself, or sharing your proficiency about freelancing?

What if you were afraid to fail, backed-into-a-corner, however desperate to move up and earn more? Thats where self-employed author Tara Malone discovered herself … stuck … frozen … unable to grow her earnings.

Youve seen the horror movies … In each theres a survivor … the individual who manages to cheat death at every turn eve in the face of scary circumstances.

Prepared to punch Rejection in the face to move up and earn more? Heres what freelancer Michael Alvear suggests.

John Makohen knows what its like to fight demons, hit rock bottom, and question whatever. But he used those life experiences to eliminate back, rise, and build a successful freelance writing career.

What if you were so fed up with your 9-5, you quit your job? Frightening, ideal? Thats where freelancer Cevia Yellin found herself after a long career as a teacher.

Have you been cowering in the corner scared to reveal up, afraid to fail, afraid to put yourself out there? Possibly youve been sitting on the sidelines … frightened, stressed, and fearful about freelancing.

These are the sort of composing worries that can strangle success. But it doesnt have to be this method.

Freelance writers Neil Pope, Celeste Altus, and Georgie Smith have actually been down that dark alley cluttered with rejection, self-doubt and fear. But they chose, enough was adequate and found a method to smash their income objectives.

Ever felt stuck earning cents per word? Scared to raise your rates or drop crappy customers? Sick of working for material mills, but scared you cant land much better paying work?

If youre tired of playing little, heres how to stop letting Fear, Self-Doubt and Rejection from running the program.

Believe youre too old to start freelancing? Maybe youve put it off for work, raising kids, or some other reason. And you keep talking yourself out of it … afraid no one will employ you. Perhaps you do not have any experience, or possibly your clips are from a lifetime back.

It was a frightening place to be. And the swift kick she gave her freelance composing service, was much more terrifying … however it worked.

All set to take a leap? Heres how she did it.

Theyre durable, resourceful, and hold on to hope at all costs. And thats what it takes to be an effective freelancer. Heres how to get your mind right.

Admit it … youre too old to keep losing time, right? Heres what to do.

You cant hide in the shadows forever if you want to make a living writing. Follow these four actions to obliterate your freelance worries.

She decided to simply give FEAR a nod and keep going. Heres how she did it.

Inactiveness: The most scary choice for freelance authors

What are your most scary writing fears? Lets discuss in the comments.

Fear, Self-Doubt and Rejection are the regulars that keep freelancers stuck. And then theres the most frightening bad guy of all … Inaction.

If youre severe about freelancing, you just have ONE choice. What if you entirely bomb a freelancing composing task? Like your freelance writing career is about to implode. If you want to get out of the rat-race of working for lower freelance rates and bidding low so you do not lose a gig, you have to make a mindset shift. Freelance writer Kaitlin Morrison knows how frightening it feels to step outdoors your convenience zone.

Evan Jensen is the blog editor for Make a Living Writing. When hes not on a writing due date or catching up on emails, hes training to run another 100-mile ultra-marathon.

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