Writing Humor to Heal Mind and Body

By Ellen Buikema

Using humor in writing is important, especially in our current times. All of us require more laughter in our lives.

Producing Humor in Writing

Know Your Audience

Expose the characters of your characters through humor, or have a witty storyteller. An amusing storyteller works well for very first person point of view. Sherman Alexies The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is a great example, utilizing humor as a coping mechanism.

Something funny to a teen or grownup will not necessarily work for a young child– although restroom humor– which begins really early in life, never ever appears to get old.

” Two thousand Indians made fun of the very same time. … It was the most marvelous sound I d ever heard.And I realized that, sure, Indians were intoxicated and sad and displaced and crazy and suggest, however dang, we understood how to laugh.When it comes to death, we know that laughter and tears are quite much the very same thing.”.

Not all types of humor work well in all categories. Including slapstick in the middle of a thriller or horror novel can be jarring and pull the reader right out of the story. That said, humor can add an interesting measurement to characters such as in Lish McBrides Hold Me Closer Necromancer.

” We are not going to pass away.

Like the knock-knock joke, repeating with a surprise ending formula can work for prose. Here is an example by essayist David Sedaris from his collection Naked showing funny through surprise.

Butters gazed up at me, fade, his eyes horrified. Were not?

Category Dependent Humor.

Not everybody has the same sense of humor. Something funny to a teenager or grownup will not always work for a young kid– although restroom humor– which begins very early in life, never ever seems to get old.

” And for that reason education at the University mainly worked by the age-old technique of putting a lot of youths in the area of a great deal of books and hoping that something would pass from one to the other, while the actual youths put themselves in the vicinity of inns and taverns for precisely the exact same reason.”.

Terry Pratchett, a king of subtle humor, composed wryly humanistic prose. Such as this from his book, Interesting Times.

Decreases stress– Laughter reduces stress causing cortisol and increases endorphins in the body, causing sensations of well-being.

About Ellen.

Top Image by Galina Bogdanovskaya from Pixabay.


Author, speaker, and former instructor, Ellen L. Buikema has written non-fiction for parents and a series of chapter books for kids with stories encouraging the advancement of empathy– spraying humor any place possible. Her Work In Progress, The Hobo Code, is YA historical fiction.

A sign of high intelligence– It takes both cognitive and psychological abilities to comprehend and produce humor. Amusing people are bright.


” The very first 2 times I check out the book, I found myself aching with satisfaction. Yes, these individuals were naughty, however at the age of thirteen, I couldnt help but appreciate their contagious energy and spirited satisfaction of life. The third time I came away shocked, not by the characters habits however by the numerous typos.”.

* * * * * *.

Decreases blood pressure– An excellent tummy laugh improves vascular dilation so there is better blood circulation.

Subtle Humor.

Long-term impacts and short-term benefits, physical in addition to emotional.

Jim Butchers fantasy/mystery series, The Dresden Files, has plenty of humor– sarcastic in addition to unusually inspirational. The following quote in which investigator and wizard Harry Dresden interacts with medical examiner Waldo Butters is from Dead Beat, number 7 in the series.

Its handy to have a feel for your readers expectations.

” I began to wonder what he indicated by politics. Zombies in the Senate and as presidents really cleared a great deal of things up for me. In fact, if you told most individuals that the White House was being run by legions of the undead, they d probably just say, Figures.”.

Discover her at http://ellenbuikema.com or on Amazon.

Because Thomas is too quite to pass away. I hauled on the shirt even harder. And many of all because tomorrow is Octoberfest, Butters, and polka will never ever pass away.”.

Jim Butchers fantasy/mystery series, The Dresden Files, is complete of humor– sarcastic as well as unusually motivational. Not all types of humor work well in all genres. Sherman Alexies The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is a good example, using humor as a coping system.

Increases the immune system– Laughing triggers the production of dopamine, which boost the effectiveness of T-cells, assisting to enhance total resistance. It might be possible, in part, to laugh yourself healthy. Norman Cousins book, Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient, covers this subject.

Humor, from Burlesque to Deadpan, is all around us. Permit some of the happiness of laughter into your heart. Enjoy.

Enhances relationships– Laughing makes you feel much better, causing a lighter mood that attracts positivity in others.

Burns calories– Fifteen minutes of laughter burns 10 to forty calories, relying on intensity. That does not sound like much, however that is still one to four pounds each year.

Humor for Characterization.

Cleanses the lungs– A stubborn belly laugh requires much deeper breathing, which fills the lungs with oxygenated blood. You might cough a bit, however this action is valuable for respiratory issues.

What is your preferred kind of humor? Do you feel its possible to utilize humor in all stories? Inform us a joke in the comments if you d like – it can be from your life or works, or another persons (just provide credit).

Functions out the abs, shoulders, and heart– Laughter offers an internal exercise by contracting the abs, working out the diaphragm, and heart. Keep in mind chuckling so hard that your stomach ached?

Develop Comedy using Repetition.

Do you feel its possible to use humor in all stories?

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