Writing Ideas Tank Empty? 9 Brainstorming Hacks for Writers

Feeling like your composing ideas tank is empty?

If youre having a hard time to come up with composing concepts, youre not alone. It occurs. That space in your brain doesnt have to remain empty for long.

Theres simply no factor to be wasting days, weeks, months and even years believing: I do not have any great writing concepts to make money.

” You do not have any great writing concepts. Why trouble?”

The truth is … theres a limitless supply of writing ideas out there in every specific niche, and for every single type of service, client, or publication. You just require to understand where to find them.

All set to brainstorm some composing ideas? Take a look at these hacks to fill your tank.

Youve got to have a method to conserve them.

And it appears like theres an ominous voice inside your head buffooning every attempt you make.

It typically looks something like this …

Youve invested the lions share of a day typing a few lines, then deleting them.

Youre gazing at a blank screen attempting to come up with a post idea or story idea.

Followed by maniacal laughter, obviously. Bawhahahaha!

Why? Theres so numerous ideas out there, you cant perhaps remember them all if youre depending on memory.

Before you start churning out composing ideas …

Prior to you get begun, discover a way that works for you to record writing concepts like:

You just need an easy method to save your composing concepts with a couple of notes, links, sources, possibly a quick overview. When you go back, youve got everything you require without starting from scratch.

OK. Ready to start conceptualizing some composing concepts?

Enjoyable truth: Sometimes Carol Tice puts a blog site post on the Make a Living Writing calendar months into the future. When that blog post finally comes up, those notes make it easy to keep in mind the concept and write the post.

Ive in fact utilized all of these at some point in time. And they all work. Choose one.

Note pad
Performance apps (I use Samsung Notes. However there are numerous others).
Google Doc.
Microsoft Word doc.

1. View national news.

Thats not exactly what youre looking for. Its the composing concepts you can take out of those news stories, like:.

Sure … right now youre going to get an earful about protests in metropolitan cities, the upcoming governmental election, and COVID-19.

What tech tools are law enforcement firms utilizing to remain connected?
What are the options to tear gas for crowd control?
How has live streaming changed the landscape for traditional journalism?
Is COVID-19 spreading in your area because of protests and big events?
What the long-term effect of online school for kids, teachers, and parents?

5 story ideas in the first 5 minutes of the broadcast. And the broadcast hasnt even hit organisation, sports, health, the environment, or human interest stories.

The trick is having the ability to train your brain to ask questions, try to find missing out on pieces, discover a brand-new angle, or advance a story into the future. You can actually do this with anything.

Idea: Try this in reverse. See local news and ask yourself if the “stories of the day” represent national patterns you might develop into story ideas.

2. Check out niche clubs.

If youve fallen into the trap of trying to be a generalist as a freelancer, NOW is always the best time to alter that.

Selecting a specific niche helps you narrow your marketing efforts, target specific clients, and be in the understand about trends and problems in your specific niche.

And checking out specific niche bars and sites makes it much easier to discover composing concepts. (FYI … being a niche author can assist you make more money, too.).

Did you understand theres a niche club for simply about every market you can think about?

” Niche + publication”.

Theres literally a specific niche publication or site for just about anything.

Tow truck driving.
Software advancement.
Law enforcement.
Gyms and health clubs.
Basket weaving (yep, theres even a niche bar for this).

Proceed. Google it.

I chose some random specific niches, and discovered niche publications for:.

How do you come up with composing concepts from a specific niche bar or site?

Tip: You can likewise get great composing concepts by studying the advertisements in a niche bar or on a specific niche website.

When you get knowledgeable about your niche, its simpler to think of questions, ideas, or missing out on pieces in a function, news or trend story. Simply ask yourself some questions like:.

What occurs next?
What are they doing now?
Is anyone else doing something like this?
Whats that individuals backstory?
Is this simply a fad or a pattern?

3. Usage social media/online groups.

Every day you probably get invited to join a personal group on Facebook or LinkedIn related to your niche.

: Many of the blog posts weve published here have actually come from conversations that started in the Freelance Writers Den.

Its kind of like the modern-day variation of being a beat reporter in the days of old-school journalism.

Why? Its a cash cow for writing ideas you can turn into a pitch, an article, or material marketing piece. And it assists you cultivate sources.

You discover what individuals in your niche are talking about.
Youll discover niche trends and issues.
And when you take a little time to be familiar with people in the group, theyll come to you with writing concepts.

IMO … you need to selectively sign up with a few of those, focus on the conversation, and participate.

4. Search Quora and Reddit.

Youve got concerns … Quora and Reddit have responses to help you come up with writing concepts.

Believe of Quora and Reddit as a starting location to assist you generate writing concepts.

Select a topic youre interested in composing about.

Sure. Theres some worthless drivel, chatter, and rants on Quora and Reddit. (Its one reason some individuals prevent these websites).

Type an essential phrase in the search bar on Quora or Reddit.

Reddit users = 330 million.

Both of these Q&A- design sites are excellent resources to assist freelancers.

But if you can look past that, Quora and Reddit can be an excellent place to get writing concepts, discover fresh angles, and even connect with prospective sources. Try this:.

Press Enter, and voila. lots of results you can develop into writing ideas.

Its like an around the world awareness chattering about everything you can potentially believe of.

Quora users = 300 million.

5. Listen to podcasts/radio.

More radio shows run like podcasts now, so you can listen to past programs anytime. (Just remember, youre not listening to practice your karaoke abilities. Youre listening for composing ideas.).

I utilized to listen to a local radio news reveal when I had a day task and a 30-minute commute
Every early morning, the radio hosts invested a couple minutes discussing new research study and studies connected to health (which takes place to be my specific niche). It was typically just a sound-bite of details
I d take note of the story and get enough information down to remember it. Later on, I d look up the research study, get more info, and turn it into a story for a staff member wellness newsletter, a blog post, or to pitch a concept to a customer.

Here an example:.

Hosts regularly interview leaders in their specific niche, talk about concerns and patterns, and answer questions from listeners.

Podcasts may be an even higher source for writing ideas, due to the fact that you can choose your niche.

You can even get great deals of helpful links and resources for composing concepts from the shownotes of a podcast.

6. Study conference programs.

Thats a fantastic starting point to generate composing ideas you can develop, pitch, and develop into paid assignments.

Its no secret COVID-19 has turned the in-person conference world upside down.

Sure, some composing conferences have actually canceled. And some have delayed their next event up until 2021. However other conferences made the switch to online occasions.

In either case, conferences can still be a fantastic location to create writing ideas … and YOU DONT EVEN HAVE TO GO.

Grab a conference agenda online and take a more detailed look at the subjects, speakers, and keynote address.

7. Check out news release.

If you do not see a lot of news release through email (youre fortunate … LOL), go to a press release distribution site like PRNewswire and look for a crucial phrase in your niche.

Opportunities are respectable, youll show up press releases about products, services, and events in your specific niche, with lots of information you can use to produce more composing concepts.

Suggestion: Check your spam folder or spam folder for news release your e-mail provider might have bumped.

Heres another excellent method to come up with writing concepts … check out news release.

: Carol Tice took a few minutes to sort through press releases flooding her inbox. And in just a couple of minutes, she produced 23 salable post ideas.

You can do this, too. Take a minute to read them if you get niche-related press releases via e-mail. A quick scan can generally recognize crucial sources, trends, and problems, and stimulate ideas for a story or blog post.

8. Use Google Alerts.

Inform Google youre interested in “key expression.” Select something in your specific niche.

Its truly basic.

Then not do anything. Seriously, its that simple.

While youre hectic working on other tasks, or taking nap, the worlds favorite search engine keeps track of the web for your “essential expression.” Then sends you an email with sources, links, and stories.

Set some specifications about getting Google Alert updates (as it occurs, daily, weekly).

Its an excellent resource to help you generate composing ideas, and conserves you time.

9. Eavesdrop on conversations.

Its harder to do this in the COVID-19 climate, due to the fact that were not out and about like we utilized to be. However it still works.

Dating and relationships.
Dealing with a bad manager.
Client service.
Travel and vacation planning.
Home improvement jobs.
Fad diets and exercises.
Medical procedures.
Insurance coverage claims, and more.

The next time youre at the store, at an occasion, in a dining establishment, waiting in line … listen in on the discussions around you. Ive eavesdroped on conversations about:.

Its been a pass time of mine for as long as I can remember. Its one factor journalism was a good fit for me.

Another dubious character gets on the bus. They even understood the very same code to get extra advantages from a friendly warden, and switched stories about which jail meals were best.

Theres potential for all sort of stories there. A function on the state correction center, the “friendly” warden, or the jail cafeteria. Or maybe a larger piece on recidivism, and programs and services offered to assist individuals like these people get back on their feet.

What have you overheard recently that could stimulate a writing idea?

If youre struggling to come up with composing ideas, youre not alone. When that blog post lastly comes up, those notes make it simple to keep in mind the idea and compose the post.

One of your most valuable skills as a freelance writer is your ability to produce composing concepts.

How do you brainstorm composing concepts? Lets discuss in the remarks.

Among your most important skills as a freelance author is your capability to create writing ideas. And theyre everywhere. Look around. Focus. Perhaps even eavesdrop. The more ideas you pitch to editors and marketing managers, the more projects youll land, and the more money youll make.

Its a gold mine for composing ideas you can turn into a pitch, a blog post, or content marketing piece. Youre listening for writing concepts.).

Never lack writing ideas.

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