Writing Rules: 7 Laws of Freelancing Every Writer Must Learn

If you had a playbook for the most crucial composing rules and freelance laws to follow, what could you achieve?

Sit and consider that for a second.

Would not it be nice to have someone show you the ropes? You understand, the composing guidelines and freelance laws to help you …

Avoid losing time
Discover fantastic customers
Stay inspired
Earn money composing

Do this. Do not do that.
Heres what you must focus on to be a successful freelance author.

When youre beginning, its simple to do the zig-zag, up-and-down dance of attempting to find out the best writing rules to follow.

That type of guidance can only originate from somebody whos been there … somebody like Stefan Palios.

No, not English-teacher grammar rules, but the universal laws of freelancing …

He got laid off from a tech start-up in 2019. At the time, freelancing was just a side hustle. It proved to be the tipping point to discover the composing rules and laws of freelancing to:

Go freelance full-time
Discover great clients
Write a book
Introduce a podcast
Release a newsletter that produces inbound leads, and a lot more

Would like to know what to concentrate on to grow your freelance career? Heres what Stefan discovered along the way …

Meet freelance writer Stefan Palios

Stefan Palios

Hes the author of The 50 Laws of Freelancing: The Insider Secrets Every Freelancer Must Know.

Stefan Palios is a freelance tech author and business owner based in Toronto, Canada.

We overtook Stefan in a recent Freelance Writers Den podcast. Want to discover more about the composing rules and freelance laws for success? Heres a few things he found out during his first year of full-time freelancing.

Hes also the founder and publisher of RemotelyInclined.com, a digital newsletter about trends in remote working.

1. Every freelancer needs a one-liner marketing declaration

Stefans one-liner when he initially got begun:

What I discovered is that you require to make it easy for other people to discuss you, the method you desire to be spoken about. My basic one-liner in fact helped kick-start a recommendation engine thats been going given that I started.

Pointer: Create a one-liner or elevator declaration and explain what you do in 1-2 short sentences.

Stefan: I didnt really know how to market myself when I initially began, so thats simply how I explained myself.

” I write material for start-ups.”

2. Requesting for recommendations is better than cold pitching potential customers

Individuals will state, “Yeah, sure. Happy to. And then absolutely nothing takes place.

You have to do it the ideal way.

Idea: Instead of asking for recommendations, utilize your one-liner to let people understand youre a freelance writer or material developer who can help.

One of the reasons … requesting for recommendations properly.

Stefan: I havent had to pitch myself for company in rather some time. I do not believe Ive sent a cold e-mail in over a year and a half.

Properly: “If you know anyone who needs content assistance, I d be pleased to help.” By doing this, individuals youre talking with get to become the assistant. They have a contact who needs assist with material, and they get to state, “I believe I have a solution for you. My good friend, does this.” The connection is additive, it feels excellent for everybody. Thats been a huge motorist of recommendations for me.

3. Experimenting is a superpower freelancers should cultivate

Leveraging social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).
Answering questions on Quora.
Launching a specific niche newsletter with Substack.
Engaging with prospects on Reddit.
Joining online neighborhoods where potential clients hang out.
Introducing a specific niche podcast, and learning to edit audio.
Writing a book.
Developing a Shopify shop and selling products. (He actually made $150 the very first day.).
Promoting other people/businesses in your niche.

Pitching prospects straight is important, specifically when youre starting, is essential.

Stefans experiments as a freelancer include things like …

Exploring … or acting.

Far hes conducted 19 experiments to grow his freelance company utilizing 20 various platforms. Lots of have assisted him land more independent work and brand-new customers. And hes still experimenting.

And you could take another course to enhance your skills. Theres something a lot better than constructing your course collection.

Idea: Identify a marketing strategy you have not attempted to generate leads. Turn it into an experiment, and track your progress.

What would you do if you desired more incoming leads for freelance work? Or what could you do to expand the type of jobs you can bill clients for?

4. A day-to-day top priority list will assist you get more work done.

Customer work and due dates.

Every day send yourself an email or write a list with your essential concerns. Break it up into categories like.

Professional development (courses, webinars, training, and so on).

Both have a method of turning into a time suck where you do not get a lot done.

Marketing (pitching, networking on social media, and so on).

Heres another day-to-day writing rule Stefan follows:.

Individual jobs (grocery shopping, home chores, workout, home entertainment, etc.).

Stefan: Im inspired by crossing things off a list. This provides me energy to get things done. And its assisted me speed up my deal with bite-sized tasks I can get through rapidly.

Ever get up in the morning without a strategy? Or maybe youve got a to-do list thats a mile long.

Administrative tasks to run your freelance service (site updates, billing, and so on).

Pointer: Plan your day, and limit yourself to a few priority jobs. Its a smart way to regularly grow your freelance service.

5. Focus on what prospects wish to develop your portfolio.

Idea: Pay attention to what potential customers are requesting for, and take steps to fill the holes in your portfolio. :.

Prospect: “Oh, by the way, I want this kind of content. Can you just send me an example?”.

Ever have a call with a possibility like this:.

Its not always an offer breaker if you dont have an example of a specific job (fill in the blank … blog post, short article, case research study, white paper, e-book, newsletter, landing pages, etc.). Sometimes its the difference in between landing a new customer and getting passed over.

” Always have something to reveal.”.

Stefan puts it by doing this:.

You: “I dont have anything like that.”.

Upsell an existing customer a new project.
Offer to do a little probono task to get a sample or get into a new specific niche.
Develop your own samples.

6. Enjoyment does not equal sales.

Ever get on a call with a possibility and hear something like this?

Run and turn. Nicely end the discussion with something like: “This is the work I do. If this fist, lets remain in touch.” Thats it. Dont squander your effort. If you do not, youll usually regret it.

Stefan: When you get that level of excitement that doesnt seem grounded in anything, chances are that individual either does not really have the spending plan to pay you. Perhaps they just desire some concepts, however do not actually desire to work with you. Or they do not have the decision-making power to set the scope of the work, and actually employ you.

Were so thrilled to deal with you.
We wish to strike the ground running.
Cant wait to start.

Guide that possibility to a company discussion by asking a few more questions. What are you attempting to accomplish? If theyre ready to talk service, youve got a solid prospect you can most likely reserve some work with.

You leave the call, completely stoked, all set to submit a proposal and get to work.

And after that the offer entirely dies, or they ghost you.

Suggestion: If you discover yourself in this circumstance, youve got two options:.

7. You must put yourself out there to get self-employed work.

The most important writing rule to bear in mind: You can do this.

Tip: Put yourself out there … every day. Marketing and networking to generate leads and book more work should be a routine part of your freelance company if you desire to be successful.

But that doesnt take place if youre simply sitting behind your computer system wanting it would occur.

Naturally you desire prospects with healthy budget plans and fascinating projects lining up at your door.

Stefan: You have to be willing to put yourself out there. Clients respect that entrepreneurial effort due to the fact that it shows you comprehend what it takes to produce material.

Whats the most important writing guideline to keep in mind for freelance success?

Its tough work. I do not imply to trivialize it.

Evan Jensen is the blog site editor for Make a Living Writing. Hes training to run another 100-mile ultra-marathon when hes not on a writing due date or catching up on e-mails.

What freelance composing guidelines and laws do you need assist with? Lets go over in the remarks.

If you wish to be an effective freelance writer, you dont have to do the zig-zag, up-and-down dance, and take permanently to make development. Instead, follow these shown writing laws and rules to move up and earn more … faster than attempting to figure it out on your own.

It proved to be the tipping point to discover the writing rules and laws of freelancing to:

We caught up with Stefan in a recent Freelance Writers Den podcast. Want to learn more about the writing guidelines and freelance laws for success? Far hes performed 19 experiments to grow his freelance organization utilizing 20 various platforms. Many have actually helped him land more independent work and new customers.

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